Christmas gift guide : something special for the kids

Finding the right gift for your kids is no easy job . Last year we did a children’s gift guide to help you which we had some great feedback from. So we thought we would do another one this year in the hope to help make Christmas a little easier. Now these are gifts with a different perhaps not in the top 100 toys for Christmas but still they are great gifts.

Design your own bird feeder

Now I always find that arts and crafts stuff is always a winner. Even better when there is something lovely to keep at the end of it all. This design your own bird feeder is fab not only do the children get to paint it . They can watch all the birds that come to visit it . Now Ava loves watching the birds at her nannies house so I know she would love to do this. We had great fun painting it and I suppose you could say it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Gift guide for kids

Also you could look at this gift in a different way . Do you have a grandparent or family member that loves birds . Then why don’t you buy this for your kids to decorate and then gift it to them as a present. So not only can it be an activity it can be a gift for a family member . And what family member wouldn’t want something personalised from their special little person .

You can buy your own from find me a gifts website for £14.99

Personalised Tigger soft toy

gift guide for kids

Now buying for babies at Christmas I think is really hard . Because let’s face it what does a baby need. We want to make sure that our baby isn’t forgotten at Christmas but at the same time we’re not just buying gifts for the sake of it . We did get sent this cute little soft tigger toy and had it personalised with

To the best little brother lots of love Ava xxx

So that Ava could give him a gift on Christmas Day which is just going to be too cute !. With this Tigger toy we will have a memory that will last a life time plus a cute little gift from big sister to little brother. Let’s hope it encourages her to share things with him.

gift guide for kids

You can buy your own personalised Tigger soft toy from the find me a gifts website for £23.99

Little Elephant personalised stories

You may have seen me mention before how much I love personalised items . Especially stories as Ava is a big book worm already she will bring us books for us to read and look through with her. So when I showed her , her new litre elephant book she was very excited.

gift guide for kids

She thought it was amazing that it had her name going through the whole story . The book is also a board book which is great with little ones as they tend to rip the pages. The pictures are vibrant and inviting and the story itself is exciting.

You too can own your own personalised story from little Elephant books for just £16.26 . They also have books to

Suit all different ages but please note prices for these may ;

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