Mess free creativity with little Brian’s chalk and paint sticks: review

For the last 6 months I have noticed more and more that Ava is loving crafting . She will sit at her desk In the front room for ages creating things. Which is fine with me as I actually enjoy doing crafting with her . I don’t really worry about the mess too much . Sometimes though I need something I can pack away quickly that Isn’t too messy . This is where paint and chalk sticks come in.

Paint sticks are like nothing I have ever used before . Think of painting with a glue stick . It’s that kind of soft gliding sensation when your painting on the paper. But with vibrant colours that dry in less that 60 seconds . Which means there is no need for a messy mat or aprons. You don’t have to use water or brushes . Just paint sticks and paper and your little one is sorted.

Little Brain paint sticks

Paint sticks come in two different sizes . As Ava is still pretty young and still learning to gain control over mark making objects. We found that the thicker ones were better for her. The mini ones would be fab for older children that want to add that little bit more detail to their pictures.

Little brain paint sticks

I really like the fact that you can use them in a ;

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