mam anti-colic bottles: review

When Ava was little she did suffer with a little bit of colic and I wish I knew about these bottles. Even though she no longer has colic I could see the difference in her from using the mam anti-colic bottle. I find with the current brand we use not matter what teat I use on them she can collapse them .Quite often she will get hiccups after a feed. I experienced non of this whilst using the mam anti-colic bottles.


The MAM bottle teat is called a Silk Teat it fits perfectly in your little ones mouth.I found that Ava dribbled a lot less of her feed whilst using the MAM silk teat. The ultra soft silk teat makes switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding easy. The surface of the teat is silky soft and research has shown that 94% of babies accept the MAM Silk teat .These teats can also be purchased in a ;

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