Maverick Arts Publishing: The Snugglewump and Wishkers : review 

We’re back again with two more Maverick Arts Publishing books to review for you . These are The Snugglewump written by Lou Treleaven and Wishker by Heather Pindar and Sarah Jennings.

The Snugglewump

Maverick Arts Publishing
This is such a cute little story about a child’s comfort blanket that she calls her Snugglewump. The Snugglewump gets all sad and thinks it’s a waste of space . As it has no arms or legs and not fun for its human to play with. But the truth is the little girl loves her Snugglewump and cuddles it very tight.

I love the fact that the story rhymes as it makes it flow really easy . I enjoyed reading this story to Ava and I’m sure it will be read many more times.

Maverick Arts Publishing
The pictures are lovely and vibrant and tell the story perfectly. I did like the fact that there was some white space on some of the pages as it made them not to over stimulating . This gives the children a chance to take in what they are reading and what the different pictures are on the page.


Maverick Arts Publishing
Now any story with animals in is a winner in our house . As soon as Ava saw the cat on the front she sat down next to me so I could read the story to her.

Wishker is a funny story about a magic cat that grants a little girl called Mirabel 3 wishes . Now these wishes don’t go as she expected and what she though was going to be fun turned out not to be fun anymore. So she had to use a wish to get things back to normal.

I took for this story that you cannot always have what you want . If you do it may not always be the best that’s why sometimes adults or people say no to things. I think this is a really important lesson for children to learn and reading it in such a fun manner doesn’t make it boring. It makes it fun and exciting.

Even though Ava is unable to read she was able to pick certain things out for the picture. Which she loved , she pretended to eat the icecream off one page and roared at the lion on another page.

Maverick Arts Publishing
Both stories are fantastic and make great addition to the maverick publishing family.

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*We were sent Wishker and The Snugglewump for free from Maverick Arts Publishing. In return for an honest review all opinions are my own.*

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