Let them be messy : messy me messy mat review 

I am that parent that loves to get messy at home be it with painting . Or letting Ava explore her food with her hands . I think it’s so important to let children explore with all there senses . My mom is not so into this and really doesn’t like mess . So when Messy Me offered me one of there messy matts to review . I thought this would be perfect for when Ava goes to her house .

This messy Matt is so versatile and isn’t just for putting under the high chair . Even though it is perfect for keeping my floor keen . Ava has now got in the habit of throwing her food on the floor once she has had enough . Having the Matt on the floor did make the clean up after meal times so much quicker . As I could shake it outside for the birdies to have her left overs wipe it down then it’s ready for another day . One thing I would say is make sure to let it dry before putting it away as it can smell a little . This isn’t just this messy Matt that’s all products of this type . 

We love getting messy so we put our Matt to the test whilst exploring some paint . Ava was able to explore the paint freely without the worry of it getting on the floor . 

The fab thing is with doing messy play with the messy mat . If you don’t have time to clean it all up you don’t have to worry about it just clean the Matt when you get chance . I have been know to put ours on the washing line outside until I have the chance to clean it properly . The oilcloth is resistant to most stains . The longer you leave food or paint on it the more likely it is to stain. 

It’s so easy to clean I just simply wiped it over with a baby wipe and the paint came straight off . I did have a little Helper though . 

You can also wash the messy Matt in the washing machine occasionally on a 30 c care cycle . Please be aware that the oil cloth is not heat resistant . So don’t tumble dry or place hot items on it. 

The messy may seen above can be purchased from messy me, and is priced at £24.

*i was sent the messy mat shown above for free in return for an honest review . All opinions and photos are my own *

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