Milton: Antibacterial Surface Wipes

When I think of sterilising I straight away think of Milton. Milton have been the leading name in sterilising for 65 years !!. When having a little person sterilising items are at the top of your list especially when they start putting anything and everything in their mouths !.

Some of you may be thinking what is the importance of sterilising . Well when you sterilise your little ones bottles and toys you are killing the germs that may be on them. As they are only little their immune system are not yet strong enough to fight against all of the germs around them which in turn could make them poorly.

I am a huge fan of antibacterial wipes even before we had Ava they were always on our shopping list. They are great for cleaning surfaces quickly and killing a lot of germs!. So when I was asked to review the Milton Antibacterial Surface wipes I was over the moon.


I found the Milton Wipes to be so handy I used them both at home and on the go !!. The wipes are really thick meaning that they wont tear apart when you are cleaning mess up , this happens a lot with other branded wipes and means I have to use more than one to clean up a small mess. The packaging recommends that you wipes the surface for 30 seconds to make sure that the surface is sterilised . Leaving you with the peace of mind that the surface or toy is now clean as they kill 99.9% of germs !!.




The small packaging makes them the perfect size to fit in my changing bag which is amazing as the amount of times I have been in a nappy change and thought it could do with a good clean but nothing to hand to clean it with. I also found them really handy whilst out with my friend her little one thought he would have a little try of Ava’s bottle whilst I was burping her . As I had the wipes to hand I was able to clean the teat and then carry on with her feed.

The Milton wipes are priced around £2.29 and are available from Asda,Babies R us,Boots,Sainsbury’s,Superdrug,Tesco , Precious little one and Kiddicare .

we were sent the Milton Antibacterial surface wipes for free in return for a honest review. All opinions are my own.

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