Moccstars baby and toddler shoes : review

You can never have too many shoes right ! Both me and Jordan love shoes we have a pair for literally every occasion. This is now something we are passing onto Ava , which I’m sure is something we will regret when she wants expensive shoes . As soon as someone takes their shoes off Ava is trying to put them on . So beware if you take your shoes off in our house they may go for a walk  ! So when I was asked if we would like to review a pair of Moccstars for Ava of course the answer was yes please !!

There are so many different beautiful designs to choose from . I found it very hard to pick but i eventually I chose the ‘Greek goddess ‘ Grecian sandles in gold. In the hope that we would have some nice weather this summer and she can wear them with her pretty summer dresses to the many weddings and parties we have been invited to.

My first impressions of the Moccstars was wow . They came beautifully packaged and in a special cloth bag to keep them safe for when they aren’t being worn.

The craftsmanship of the shoes are great. They look as though they will withstand a whirlwind of a toddler like Ava. So far they have been so good they have stayed intact and as pretty as the day they arrived. They would make the perfect addition to any baby/toddler wardrobe.

Now Ava does have a few issues with her feet bless her so I’m picky about what shoes she has . As I want some that will support her feet and enable her to walk correctly. Even though the Moccstars aren’t as structured as her normal shoes they supported her really well and she walks really nicely in them. The Moccstars actually imitate barefoot walking which helps strengthen their muscles and ligaments.

the ‘Greek goddess ‘ Grecian sandles in gold show above are ¬£24.99 and are available from the Moccstars website.

* we were sent the Moccstars shown above for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own *

childrens feet are precious and we need to make sure we look after them. These shoes are great for kids feet and they look amazing to

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