Eye cream complex and lip treatment balm from Nakin : review

Nakin is a brand I really trust a brand that I have previously been gifted items of but then have gone on to buy them again and again because I love them so much. I have very kindly been sent their eye cream complex and lip treatment balm to try and I have been using them for the last few weeks. I wanted to let you know how I have been getting on with them and if they do what they say they will.

Lip treatment balm

I’m not normally one to put on lip balm. I don’t really know why as I do actually get dry cracked lips often. I normally just wait until they get too bad and start using a balm to try and sort my lips out.

Lip treatment balm

This lip balm however has made me a total convert to wearing a lip balm every day. It’s become part of my daily routine .

Like all Nakin products you really don’t need a lot of product . There products really do go far . So even though they are a higher price point than what I used to spend on these kind of products . They are so worth it and last so much longer I find.

Since using this balm I have found my lips to feel really hydrated and not sore at all. They haven’t split like they normally do and I think they look great.

Once you have applied the lip treatment balm onto your lips you will start to feel them tingle. It’s a gentle tingle but you can visibly see that your lips look fuller. The minty flavour to the balm makes it feel really refreshing.

Lip treatment balm

You simply apply the balm by placing a small amount onto your finger then rub over your lips. You could if you wanted to use a lip brush to apply . It’s really not needed though as the balm isn’t sticky and doesn’t leave any oily residue on your fingers.

The Lip balm treatment can be purchased from their website for £10

Eye cream complex

Bit of a running theme but I don’t really use eye creams . I have paid in the past for expensive eye creams but they have never worked . So it’s really put me off paying out again .

One of my main insecurities is the dark circles around my eyes, my eyes can be puffy and also sore . Which as a combination doesn’t make me feel very good about my self at times .

Using the eye cream complex

When I was offered the Nakin anti-ageing Eye cream complex . I headed straight to their website to see what it actually was . It states that ” our eye cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circle for soft smooth skin” now it sounds like this product was made for me.

How did I find Nakin’s anti ageing eye cream complex

I have Definitely found that my eyes are less sore and red . The fine lines around my eyes are looking smoother . The bags under my eyes are looking reduced but are still there . So I’m going to see if I use the product longer if it will also reduce this . I will update this post either way to let you know how I got on. Eye cream complex

The natural Anti-ageing Eye cream complex can be purchased from their website for £18.

One of the main reasons for why I love Nakin products is because they are.

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