Lily pad bottle bibs- review

If your little one is anything like Ava she likes to dribble some of her milk whilst having a bottle resulting in soggy bibs and sometimes a sore neck from where the milk has got on it. Well the solution to this is now available thanks to Lily pad.

When I received my Bottle Bibs I was so excited to try them out. They came beautifully packaged with a little card thanking me for my custom ( this personal touch means a lot and made me smile ). The card also explains on it how best to be washed in order to keep them in tip top condition.

Lily Pad Bottle Bibs are made from 100% brushed cotton for that extra softness on your little ones skin. The Lily pad bottle bib attaches to your bottle easily ( amazingly fits all bottles !). The design is amazing as the top section absorbs the liquid from leaky bottles and the bottom catches the excess chin dribble!. Another amazing feature is that they are reversible, I found the top material was wet form the milk it had caught but the underneath stayed completely dry meaning if needed to could reverse it!.

I found this to be a lifesaver during the night feeds when Ava just didn’t want to wait to have a bib on. As the bib is already attached to the bottle it makes this time so much less stressful and meaning she is settled, drinks her milk and goes back to sleep easy .( Amazing, wish i knew about these 10 weeks ago !). Her night clothes underneath stayed completely dry meaning less washing for me !!(result). As normal bibs don’t catch the milk meaning most of her night clothes got covered in milk. Then the mental breakdown starts when I have to change her in the night and all she wants to do is sleep. Well not no more thanks to Lily Pad Bottle Bibs.

Lily Pad Bottle Bibs can be purchased on line from
or visit their Facebook page at
They come in many different designs and colours and are priced from £7.95-£9.95 for a pack of two ! and remember they are reversible !
I personally think this is a good price to pay especially if it means stress free night feeds !!.

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