Nutty Putty review and giveaway !

Today I got to be a little kid again and make things using rollers, cutters using Nutty Putty. When I was little I loved to make creations out of salt dough but I remember it taking for ever to bake and then most of the time it would crack and fall apart !!( so soul destroying after making the masterpiece for hours !!).

So when we tried Nutty Putty today I was really surprised at how things had changed since I was little. The putty is a thick dough that can be manipulated to make different shapes. Once your creation is complete you can put it into the oven to bake and then watch it transform into a rubbery toy to keep for ever!.

We received a 6 colour box and each different colour was in its own little packet with a reseal section on the top to keep it fresh for the next time you will use it. Also in the box was an instruction leaflet which older children can follow and it shows you different things that can be made. The set also included a roller, shape cutters, cutting tools and a baking sheet.

Nutty Putty
So After looking at the card me and Erin decided to make a Bee, The instruction card made it really easy for Erin to follow meaning she needed little help from me :). She also did some free play with the dough and used the cutters to make a dolphin, ( even if she did want to make it Red !!).
Nutty Putty
There were two slight downsides to the Nutty Putty we found that there wasn’t a lot of black so we tried to ration it so Erin would have some for the next time she wanted to play with it. Also we found that the baking sheet provided was very small meaning that we could only bake one creation at a time. I could see if you had more than one child doing this at a time it could become quite frustrating.
After baking Erin’s creations turned into rubbery creation that she loved and played with for ages. I would defiantly recommend this product I found it kept Erin entertained for ages which for Erin is a hard job at times. The main thing that I did like about this product is that it is mess free !! Erin is 4 and we didn’t have any mess on the table or surrounding area as it doesn’t crumble. Also it doesn’t leave your hands with that horrible sticky feeling that some products do.
For more information about the Nutty Putty range head over to the Nutty Putty website.
The Nutty Putty was sent me in return for an honest review all opinions are my own.

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