organix’s finger foods- how not to make an Easter Bunny !!

Every week me and Ava go and visit her little friend Freddie and his Mommy Jess. So when Organix asked me to do some Easter fun creations using their finger food Carrot sticks and apple rice cakes, I knew the right little man for the job. Freddie is now one and has loved trying the different products the Organix range has to offer during his eating journey so far.

So we were sent some lovely recipes for do using the Organix products . I had gathered some other fruit to make bunny’s using the rice cakes and carrot sticks. I also went and brought some Organix Strawberry and Apple Gummies to use as eyes for the bunny. (by the way these are really yummy and I am contemplating going to buy some more for myself to snack on !).
Now Freddie is not the biggest lover of fruit so the fact that the Organix products contains fruit is a big plus. So I thought the fact of making it all into a bunny would make Freddie want to eat it more !. Well in fact Freddie couldn’t wait that long to make his bunny instead he just wanted to eat them straight away !! ( don’t blame him who would want to explore this yummy food making it into something when you could just eat it straight away !).
I found that the pieces were of a really good size making them easy for him to pick up himself  and not too small that he could choke on them , ( This is a fear of mine children choking on food, I may have a few heart attack moments when Ava starts to eat !).
I love the fact that the product is organic ( hence the name Organix) meaning there is nothing unnecessary in their products and they even have a no junk promise.
The Organix products that Freddie tried are for 7 months + also classed as stage two. We were sent these in return for an honest review and we loved them !!. I am excited for Ava to be able to try them.
Theses products can be purchased from most major supermarkets and are priced between £1.00-£1.20p for the Apple rice cakes and £0.65p-£0.75p for the carrot stick per packet.
For more information regarding the Organix range visit their website at


  • Lucy Melissa Smith

    We love Organix, they have such a wide range and some really tasty (yes, I've tried them) baby and toddler snacks that you know aren't full of nasties!


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