Peppa Pig interactive playmat: Review

Ava is still very much a Peppa Pig  fan. So our latest review item went down a storm. I’m sure she can sense anything Peppa Pig from a mile away as she got very excited when the post man came the other day. Normally she isn’t too fussed by him. but when he knocked she ran straight to the door.

Peppa pig interactive playmat

This week we have been trying out the Peppa Pig interactive playmat. The Peppa pig interactive playmat has four fun modes. These four modes can help your little one learn things like numbers and colour recognition. Along with developing their hand eye co-ordination it also builds communication and vocabulary skills.

Peppa Pig interactive playmat

This interactive playmat has been specially designed to encourage children to stay active and learn all at the same time. Very quickly Ava started to explore the different functions of the mat and got very excited to hear Peppa’s voice. She really enjoyed the song function as it had many of the songs from the programme on. The Bing bong song being one of them ! And of course stomping on the mat so it makes lots of noise. Don’t worry thought it does have two sound settings so it doesn’t have to be on loud all the time. Although I’m sure if your little one is anything like Ava they will figure out how to change it soon enough !

Although this mat is for children aged 3 years plus Ava has really enjoyed exploring it. I’m sure she will be a Peppa fan for a long time coming .So as she grows and learns she will be able to understand what all the functions do.

You can purchase the Peppa Pig interactive play mat from most high street toy shops. Please note you will also need 3 AA batteries to make the It work . As batteries are not included.


*We were sent the Peppa Pig interactive playmat for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

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