Make your favourite chippy tea at home with Pukka pies

I’m a big lover of a takeaway I cannot wait for the weekend to have a little treat . The only problem is takeaways can be so costly . Easily you’re looking at ¬£10-¬£15 for a takeaway for two of you . This is money we could really be saving towards a new house or for family days out . So I’m looking at a ways I can reduce our spending on takeaways but still have that treat once a week . Now this is where Pukka pies come in to make that perfect chippy tea at home.

making a chippy tea at home with Pukka pies

Now for a random fact about me . When I was younger I worked in a chip shop . At the end of the night if things hadn’t been sold we were allowed to take them home . Which for me a chippy lover, was perfect . Especially if it was a Pukka pie . Chicken and mushroom was my favourite. So I kind of hoped that there would be one left at the end of the night . Even if it was 12 o clock at night . I would take it home and have a little feast before I went to bed.

Not only do Pukka pies remind me of the days working in the chop shop. They remind me of my childhood. Most weeks we would have a chip shop tea growing up . Now I love nothing more than a crunchy pie top. Which my dad would always save for me . It was like a treat for me as he knew I loved them so much . In fact he still does it now if I ever have a chippy tea with him .

Sorry I digress back to what I was saying before the trip down memory lane. So yes I’m wanting to get cut down on the amount we spend on takeaways but still have my weekly treat . I have recently learnt that you can buy my favourite pukka pies in supermarkets. They don’t just do the standard chicken and mushroom pies either anymore they do some really interesting pies. Like veggie tikka masala with chickpeas and spinach. I mean pukka pies have come along way since my chip shop days.

So the lovely people over at pukka have sent me some pies to try to see if they could be my substitute for ordering in takeaway .Instead make my favourite takeaway in my own kitchen .

Friday came around last week and instead of picking up my phone and ordering in we made pie and chips our self .

making a chippy tea at home with Pukka pies

You know what I really didn’t miss ordering in at all. We had chunky chips pie and gravy . Your standard chippy tea but made in our kitchen . It was really yummy and a lot healthier that going to the chip shop. We even added some roast vegetables to our meal. Which was a welcome healthy addition.

healthy chippy tea at home with Pukka pies

I’m defiantly not going to be ordering from the chip shop again in a hurry. Not when I can make the same yummy meal at home for a fraction of the price. Plus you can freeze pukka pies so if you get them on a good deal you can pop them in the freezer ready for when you want them. Also to point out pukka pies are not just for meat lovers . They have some fab vegetarian options now too !

Are you looking at reducing your outgoing on takeaways? Would you consider buying Pukka pies to create your own chippy tea from you kitchen?

* we were sent a selection of pukka pies and other food ideas . To create a yummy meal for free for the purpose of this post . All opinions are my own *

wanting to reduce your monthly out goings on take away foods. Then why not make your favourite chippy tea at home with Pukka pies. #reduce #takeaway #pukkapies #treatnight

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