Silvercross Wayfarer

When choosing what pushchair we wanted for our little one we knew it had to be a Silvercross . My mom had one for myself and my brother when we were little and I wanted the same for my daughter . We were drawn straight to the Silvercross Wayfarer with its sleek design and colour choices . An added bonus to us was it collapsed down really small and easily fitted in to our boot. The Silvercross Wayfarer has many different functions as you can attach the car seat, carry cot and pushchair part to the same set of wheels saving money and time messing around with different pushchairs.

In order to attach the car seat you will need to attach the adaptors to the frame. We have a maxi Cosi car seat so we did have to buy different adaptors as the ones that came with the pushchair . Only work with a Silvercross car seats.
After using this pushchair now for two years the material still looks good as new. Ava has eaten many snacks whilst in the pushchair and has gotten sticky and mucky fingers over it. In order to clean it all I have done it wiped it over with a damp cloth and it comes up as good as new. The colour is still as vibrant as the day we brought it. In fact so many people comment on how nice the pushchair is.
The only thing I have found to be a negative with this pushchair is that it can be hard to get up curbs. As there is no push bar on the frame I’m unable to use my weight on the bottom of the pushchair to leaver it up the curb. Also it would be nice if the basket underneath was a little bigger. As I have found when I’m out shopping it doesn’t hold a lot and I have had use a clip on the hand to put my bags on.
We have since had another baby a boy this time. So we are in the process of buying a different colour pack. This has saved us a lot of money as we can use the same frame and structure its just the purple bit that will change ! or if you want a change you can just buy a different colour !

The Silvercross Wayfarer is great travel system that is compatable with the Maxi cosi pebble carseat

Just because I needed a pushchair that used less space up in my boot and also one that would work on all terrains we are now using the Diono Quantum as our everyday pushchair. My mom loved the Silvercross so much she has now had this at her house for when she has the grandchildren and she loves it. I would say we defiantly got our moneys worth out of it.

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