Feeling confident in swimwear thanks to Simply Swim

It’s that time of the year where women up and down the country dig out their swimming costumes. Many of those women hate the thought of getting in their swimming costumes. If their anything like me they will feel frumpy and unattractive. But in a bid to keep the children entertained either taking them swimming or being in the pool with them on holiday. They put it on. I have recently been sent a swimming costume from Simply Swim. To help me feel great about my body in a swimming costume. One that will hold me in,in all the right places but still looks nice.

Now I have never been the most body confident person even before having children. I have always compared myself to others I know I shouldn’t  but come on who doesn’t. So when I was asked to pick a swimming costume from their website I was a little worried about photographing myself in it to show you all. I was thinking of all the different ways I could possibly take a picture without me actually wearing it. Then I thought how can I possibly give this company the review they deserve without showing you what it looks like.

So I headed over to their website to see what sorts of swimming costumes they had. I knew I didn’t want a 2 piece as since having a c section I hate having any part of my stomach on show for fear my scar will show. This is something I am getting over a little and I am coming to terms with the fact I should be proud of my scar but I’m not quite there yet. So a full swimming costume it was. The one I currently have is an alter neck and it’s not that comfortable and I do worry the tie’s will come undone so I knew I wanted it to have straps.

Surprisingly I had found a lot I liked from brands like Adidas,Zoggs and Speedo. I never thought for a moment I would be sitting there debating which one to get. I honestly didn’t think I would like the thought of myself in any of them. I was able to whittle it down to one which was the Zoggs Sacred craft multi cross back. Apart from the lovely print on the swimming costume and the straps the main thing I liked was the fact it had tummy control. From looking at it on the internet it wasn’t even obvious that it had this added feature either which I liked.

Simply Swim woman and childrens

So when it arrived I was actually pretty excited to try it on to see if it made me feel more confident. I went with a size 10 as this is generally what size I am in clothes at the moment. It actually fitted really well it covered me where it should and it was actually really comfortable. I could tell it had the tummy control in it as I felt it sucked me in slightly which is amazing. But it isn’t uncomfortable which was something I was worried about. The bust section has full foam cups which haven’t moved out-of-place at all even after washing. This is something that always happens with my other one. It also says that it’s 10 times more chlorine resistant that other swim fabrics. Which will be interesting to test over the summer as we will be going swimming more often.

Overall I’m really happy with it.It does make me feel more confident about putting on a swimming costume. It holds me in in all the places I want to be held in but isn’t too tight or restricting. I love the back detailing the most it just looks so lovely and adds a bit of extra detail to the piece.

Simply Swim womans swimsuits

The lovely people over at simply swim also said I was able to pick some bits for the kids. At the moment were not taking Alby swimming purely because the thought of me having two kids in the pool by myself terrifies me . So I looked at some bits for Ava.There are lots of lovely swimming bits for kids it was really hard to decide. I narrowed it down to two different pieces. The first being the Tots girls fantasy flower frill swimsuit. This is the first big girl swimsuit I have got for Ava I generally buy her one of those all in one suits. The thing I liked the most was the frill detailing around the waist I thought it was just so cute.

Simply Swim children's swim wear

Ava being two and a half I wasn’t sure if to go for a 2 or 3 years swimsuit. In the end I decided with an Age 2 one as I thought it would look better fitted and would make sure she was covered and not baggy in areas you wouldn’t want it to be.

Simply Swim frill

Ava freaked as soon as she saw it and wanted it straight on and she just looked adorable. It fitted perfectly and she hasn’t wanted to take it off since. You think I’m joking I had to tell her she wasn’t able to go to bed in it the other night.

The other piece I picked for Ava was the Big Fisch Tots girl flamingo two piece sun suit. Now I love these sorts of things especially in the summer. I generally pop one of these on her to go and play in the garden as they provide sun protection. I prefer to keep as much of her skin out of the sun as possible so these sorts of sun suits are perfect.

Simply Swim flamingo

The quality again is really good and they just look adorable. She looks really comfortable in it and is able to move around easily. They also dry really quickly so at the end of the day I have hand washed it and popped it on the line ready for tomorrow. You can if you want to machine wash it.

Simply swim tots flamingo

Overall I’m realty impressed with the products from Simply Swim. I found their website really easy to navigate and I was impressed with the range of swimwear they had on offer. They don’t just have woman’s and kid’s swim wear. They also do men’s swimwear and different accessories like goggles and arm bands.

Finding a swimsuit you feel confident in can be hard. It's so important you feel happy and confident in what your wearing #onepiece #bodyconfidence #swimwear #tummycontrol #kidsswimwear #womansswimwear


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