Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra moisture razor smooth legs nice and easy !

I have been lucky enough to review the Wilkinson Sword Intuition ultra moisture razor, Being a new mommy finding time to look after yourself is always bottom of the never ending to do list. So when I saw that this razor included a built in soap that lathers,shaves and moisturise I  was excited to try it out.

The Razor gave a really close shave leaving my legs nice and smooth as it includes SheaButter in the built in head, the head also pivots to glide along the contour of your body with ease !( meaning no chunks taken out of your legs when doing it in a rush, as the little one is waking up !).The handle also has a rubber section on it meaning that you can grasp it easy and wont slip out of your hand once wet!.

There is a physical wear indicator on the blades that tells you when you need to change your blades.   ( at least that’s one thing you don’t need to add on your to do list to check the blades!)

The Razor also comes with a handy mounting tool meaning that no longer will you find the razor in the bottom of the shower, or trying to find a place to put it out of the reach of little hands. The mounting tool sticks to the tiles in your shower or bath using a suction pad and then allows you to place the razor in it when not in use !.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with a £2 off voucher on your next purchase of Wilkinson sword intuition ultra moisture blades 3 pack ( love saving a few penny’s!). Not only do you save money on your next blades there is now no need to use gels or shaving foam with this razor so more money saved there !!.

Wilkinson sword razor
The Razor can be purchased from most Major supermarkets priced between £7-£8
The blades are priced at between £7-£8 but this is for 3.
Some packs may also have the same voucher as the one I got meaning you can save £2 on your next blades!.

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