Milton mini  portable soother steriliser

Late last week we were sent the mini portable soother steriliser from Milton. I was so excited to try this out as Ava has recently learnt how to get her dummy out of her mouth then drop it . Normally on the floor whilst we’re out and about !! . Carrying lots of dummies just incase was getting a little frustrating . Now I will no longer have to do this ( thank you so much Milton !!)

One of my biggest worries is germs  especially on Ava’s things as her being little still I worry that she my become poorly so sterilising is such a big thing for me . The mini portable steriliser is perfects for moms on the go like myself !. I did also use it at home to keep her dummy in whilst she wasn’t using it (plus kept it away from my dog who likes to eat her dummy’s !!).

The steriliser comes in a ball shape and is available in three different colours these being green, purple and blue . There are also plans to add some new exciting limited edition colours to the range which I am really excited to find out what they may be.

Milton mini portable soother steriliser
Milton Mini portable soother steriliser


The Milton Mini portable steriliser is really easy to set up and use. I started off washing all the parts first of all in hot soapy water to make sure it was all clean. I then filled up to the fill line with cold water, the fill line is clearly indicated on the inside of the lower half of the ball . I then added one of the sterilised tablets into the cold water ( it does state on the packaging not to use the normal size sterilising tablets make sure that they are for the mini portable steriliser). Whilst I was waiting for the tablet to dissolve in the cold water I placed both sponges under cold running water as they are very hard when you get them and need softening up. I then squeezed out any excess water ready to put it all together.

To put it all together is really simple first you start by placing the full sponge in the bottom then place the sponge with the central whole on top of that. Press until you see some water appear over the top one. Make sure to pour away any excess water.

inside   Milton mini portable soother steriliser

You then place the top coloured section on top and in 15 minutes your portable soother steriliser is ready to use. Each day you will have to place a new tablet in it so that the sterilising solution is fresh and works at its best.


in Blue

The portable steriliser also comes with a handy little strap which can be attached to changing bags or pushchair meaning it is always at your fingertips when out and about.

Milton mini portable soother steriliser in blue



I was really surprised at how easy it was to set up and use and is now part of my morning routine to set this up ready for the day I have started to keep a dummy in it at all times to save Ava having a melt down. So thank you Milton I wont have to be embarrassed anymore because she is screaming for her dummy when shopping and I don’t have a clean one !.

Please note that the Portable soother steriliser above has been modified since earlier designs it now has a wider base meaning most brand dummies fit into it with ease, also it has a more tactile strap which easily fitted around anything I need it to. Lastly they have changed the seal which now incorporates bottle closure technology meaning no liquid will leak out of it !!.

The Mini Portable soother steriliser retails at £6.99 and £1.99 for the sterilising tablets and is available from Boots, John Lewis, Ocado, Superdrug and Tesco. It can also be found in many independent pharmacies and I have also found it on Amazon. This would make a perfect present for mom’s everywhere or even if like me you are ready to pull your hair because of dirty dummy breakdowns.


We received the Milton mini portable soother steriliser to review in return for an honest opinion.

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