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Recently I have been such a bad dog owner.To be honest I have started to feel a little guilty. Not because we don’t walk her or tend to her needs as I’m not a horrid person just I cannot remember the last time I got her a treat. Before Ava came along Kya was like my baby.I would by her something to play with or a bone most weeks. Even if I did spend a decent amount of money on for it to be in shreds five minutes after giving it to her. Kya is a dog that loves toys .90% of the time she is playing with something or chewing on a bone. Ava even gives her dog toys now to play with which is quite cute.

Tasty Bone review

After looking at some of her Bones the other week I started to notice that they are now very loved and maybe it’s time she had some new ones.

It’s as if the People over at Tasty Bone were listening in on me .As that day an email dropped into my inbox offering me some new bones for Kya. Now Tasty Bone was a brand I had heard of but not one I had brought before. Not for any reason but I tend to stick to the same brands as I know they are durable. Kya is known for destroying things, you may have seen a post about her destroying my baby monitor! She has a good set of teeth on her and ones that need something strong and hard to chew on . Not a lot of toys or bones stand up to the test they are normally in pieces within minutes. So I had all my fingers and toes crossed that Tasty Bones would pass the Kya test.

As soon as the box arrived and I showed them Kya she was really excited tail wagging. The range they sent us is amazing.She had so many to choose from so she really didn’t know where to start.

Tasty Bone

Like many brands you can see on the top corner what size dog the toy/bone is meant for. As Kya is a fairly big dog we had a mixture of large and extra-large bones sent us. She was able to fit them in her mouth with ease and is able to play with them. They are not too heavy but are durable and have passed the Kya test and have not been destroyed. We have now had the bones a week and they show little sign of wear and tear. Which is amazing and the most important thing of all is that she really likes playing with them.

Tasty Bones do a wide range of different bones from ones that are meant to promote healthy gums and teeth . To ones that just make your dogs breathe  a little easier to deal with. They literally have a bone for every dog. If you have a dog I would highly recommend taking a look at Tasty Bone you wont be disappointed. Why not head over to their Facebook page for updates and to check out more of the range.

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