The multi use of a Terrapin wallet phone case :review 

It’s happening I’m turning into a mom . Where practicality of something comes above anything . The amount of times I pop into a shop and think it’s fine I won’t need the pushchair Ava can walk. Then 5 minutes in she is hanging off me wanting to be picked up . So I have to balance her my shopping and my purse . In a way which really doesn’t look attractive I’m sure. I am normally that mom who ends up scattering the content of her purse over the floor . You have all seen that mom embarrassed as hell picking up her pennies . Yes that’s me !

So recently when I received an email from Terrapin accessories to see if I would like to review one of their cases I was intrigued. Particularly because the lady who I was in contact with told me about their wallet style phone cases and how handy they are for parents . Reading though some of her reasons for why I needed the wallet phone case I was sold pretty much straight away.

Wallet phone case
Now I have a iPhone 6s which isn’t the newest model but they still had a  fab range of different wallet style cases for me to choose from. I went for a plain gray one as I wasn’t sure if I would get bored with a patterned one after a while.

My only concern about having this type of case was that it would make my phone to bulky . Which may make it uncomfortable to use which to me wouldn’t be good. As I do a lot of my blog work from my phone . It has taken me a little while to get used to using my phone with the case on but it is comfortable and looks really nice.

It’s so handy that I can put my cards into the case or slip some notes into the card section. It means no longer do I need to take my purse everywhere with me . Because let’s be honest I will always remember to take my phone out with me.

Wallet phone case
Having the screen covered means that Ava doesn’t go for my phone as often . Saving my screen from being smashed yet again . Any iPhone owner will know how costly it is to replace a iPhone screen. So any way of extra protecting it is a bonus. Also the case converts into a stand for your phone . Meaning when Ava is having a breakdown whilst in a restaurant because the food is taking too long . I can put paw patrol on my phone and she can watch It with ease. Saving me from the embarrassment of the tantrum going any further. Bad mom moment I know but we all do it !

Wallet phone case
Wallet phone case
Overall I’m really happy with this case . It does what it says it will and so much more. Need one of these in your life or just a new affordable phone case then pop over to their website.

* I received the phone case shown above for free in return for an honest review . All opinions are my own *

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