Tidy Tot making weaning a little less messy : review 

I was recently contacted to see if I would like to review the Tidy Tot all in one bib and tray kit .I was intrigued to see if it would work and Make my life easier .

If you have ever weaned a little one you know how messy it can be . Not only can there clothes get covered in food but the surrounding area . Also in our case the dog is normally covered in food .

Weaning mess

In the pack you get the Tidy Tot tray and a detachable bib. The bib attached to the Tidy Tot tray really simply all you have to do is Velcro them together .

Tidy Tot Velcro section
The tray just then goes over the excisting tray and suckers on to it .

Suction underneath

What we thought of the Tidy Tot all in one bib and tray kit.

So the other night we had a messy tea of Ravioli so I put It to the test . Ava as always covered her face in the sauce and it was also over the bib . As she had the Tidy Tot tray on her high chair she was unable to throw the food onto the floor or the dog ! .  It’s easy to clean and has a wipe clean tray.

Using the Tidy Tot

Once I took the bib off I was expecting to see an orange rim around the top of her baby grow , but there was no orange stain . The bib had kept her clothes underneath nice and clean . Also as the bib attached to the tray any food she dropped was caught by the bib leaving her trousers nice and clean !

I also found that I could quickly hand wash the bib and leave it to dry for her next meal time . I have also washed the bib in the washing machine and it washes really well. It can also be tumbled dry friendly.

The only problem I did have was that we use suction plates and bowls .I wasn’t able to stick them to the tray . This hasn’t stopped me using it though .

After using the Tidy Tot  it can be placed back into the packaging for easy storage.

Tidy Tot packing
Not only is this essential for weaning your little ones it’s perfect to do messy play on .

If you want any more information on the Tidy Tot all in one bib and tray kit visit their website.

The Tidy Tot all in one bib and tray kit is priced at £24.99.

*I was sent the Tidy Tot all in one bib and tray kit for free in return for an honest review . All opinions are my own *


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