We took the Wicked Uncle challenge

It can be hard to know what to buy your own child at times so god knows how people who don’t spend each day with them are meant to know. Well Wicked Uncle have the solution. There website enables you  to search depending on the child’s age and gender !.


So I approached my brother and asked him if he was up for the Wicked Uncle challenge. All he had to do was order some items off their website . I didn’t tell him what sort of things I wanted or what Ava would like I left it up to him.

My brother tries his best to come and see Ava each week and I try my best to keep him updated with pictures and videos of her development.As my brother doesn’t have children of his own he doesn’t really know what toys are appropriate for children at what age.

After 5 minutes of sending him the link and the online credit code he text me to say he had done it . He couldn’t believe how easy it was in a few clicks he had a page of items appropriate for Ava.

We eagrly waited for are parcel to come and in only 2 days it arrived !. He had chosen a Twilight turtle-starry nightlight and a Lamaze Pippin the puppy blanket . Both the right age for Ava and two things she will love to explore.

image image

As the name may suggest this website is not just for Uncles its for anyone that needs to buy a gifts for children , I may even use it myself in the future !.

Dont belive me its that easy then check their website out at wicked uncle website 


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