Twiddle Ons baby foot finder toy: Review and Giveaway

Alby is now at his next developmental milestone. He is trying his hardest to roll . He gets half the way over and then gets cross. He does keep trying and trying but his not quite there yet. I know it won’t be long though. Then gone are my days of leaving him in one place and knowing he won’t move ! So to help Alby to explore his feet a bit more and become more confident with rolling we have been sent some twiddle Ons .

We first came across this brand when Ava was little . Ava was and still is the kid that will never keep her socks on . So we got her some Sock Ons . They were great did what we needed them to do and her feet stayed nice and warm as she couldn’t pull her socks off.


So when we were asked if we would like to review the Twiddle Ons I was intrigued to see if we would love them as much as Sock Ons Instantly they were a hit with Alby I popped them on his feet and he started to kick away. You could see the excitement on his face grow with every little kick. They have also encouraged him to bring his feet up more towards his face. Learning this skill will help him get the momentum to roll over. The great things is with all that kicking around they don’t move. They don’t slip off leaving your little one upset they cannot hear the rattle or see them on their feet. They don’t move at all and Alby is a big kicker and they stayed in place.

Twiddle Ons foot finder toys

Not only do they have little rattles in them the actually fish have different textured material. Meaning when little ones grab them they can explore the different textured material. They are also have vibrant colourful parts and black and white sections. To give babies of all ages a ;


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