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The ultra games with Tommee Tippee 

To celebrate the release of the ultra bottles and also the Olympics , Tommee Tippee are running the ultra games.

How do I take part

It’s really easy to take part just head over to their Facebook page and keep an eye for updates of what event they are doing on that day . The events include Crawling,smiling,dribbling,pooping,peeing,laughing,napping and rolling. So I’m sure you will have loads of photos of your little ones doing these.

All you have to do is comment with a picture of you little one doing the event they are asking for on that day . The winners of each event will be crowned a Tommee Tippee ultra athlete receiving a ultra medal, sweatband and one of the new ultra bottles.

The ultra bottle

I have been intrigued to try these bottles for a while . As Ava is so nosey she very rarely wants to lie down for a bottle . With the new ultra bottle she doesn’t have to , she can sit up and feed with ease.

The ultra bottle has the ultimate latch, seal and flow.  Many other bottles only have one of these elements, where as the new ultra bottle does it all.

I have found also when using this bottle that less milk dribbles out of Ava’s mouth . This is because the contour zone on the teat has been uniquely built to form a perfect match to baby’s open mouth.

* I was sent the medal, head band and two ultra bottles for the purpose of this post. All opinions and photos are my own*

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