Teeth whitening at home

Whitening teeth Made easy with Truewhite: review 

Whitening your teeth can be costly either buying toothpaste that are meant to whiten your teeth but actually don’t . Or going to appointments at your dentist.

If your anything like me then you need caffeine to get you through the day . Sadly this will not help you keep your teeth white . Luckily there is a cheaper but still safe way to whiten your teeth . I have been sent a true white whitening system to try . Which is a affordable way to whiten your teeth at home.

Before using this product I did take a good look at the different components that made up the whitening gel . I found that it didn’t contain any peroxide which really put my mind at ease . As I am no way qualified enough to use this . This I think is something you should go to your dentists for .

The pact contained two 2 sets of gum shields , 2 syringes full with whitening solution and also a blue light . There was also an instruction manual which clearly set out in steps how to use the product . Please note that you only need to use a small amount of whitening solution.



The whole process takes around 15 minutes so make sure to leave enough time to do it . I found once Ava had gone to bed and I was  watching telly worked well for me . The only thing I didn’t like is whilst having  the blue light in my mouth I did find that I dribbled a lot . Attractive I know !. The blue light is optional thought so you may choose not to use it.


I was really impressed with this kit and could see the difference right from the first use. With this kit you have enough for 25 uses so could easily last you a year . Also there are two sets of gum shields so your partner could also use it or just treat yourself .

The True white company is an American company but they do ship to the UK. If you would like to find out more about the True White company then check out there website.


* I was sent the True white whitening system for free in return for an honest review . All opinions are my own *

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