Wicked Uncle helping you find the perfect present

Christmas and the kids birthdays are fast approaching . Within a month of each other both my kids have their birthdays with Christmas in the middle . Not only does it cost me a fortune buying all the presents at once I really get stuck with what to buy .

Wicked Uncle got in contact and offered to help. We have used their website in the past and have always been very pleased with the experience.

The people over at Wicked Uncle very kindly gave me £40 to spend on their website. So I headed over there to see what I could find. The main thing I love about their website is that they split the products into age groups. So I can just search through products that are suitable for a 1-year-old for Alby and 3-year-old for Ava.

Let’s start with Alby . Alby loves cars when I say he loves cars .He will sit there for hours just moving a car backwards and forwards and that isn’t an exaggeration. So I knew cars was the way to go. I then noticed they stocked Melissa and Doug which is one of my favourite brands of toys to buy the kids. I just love wooden toys and Melissa and Doug toys always look amazing and the quality is great .

After some searching I went for the Melissa and Doug ramp tower. It had the cars I knew Alby would love plus it gave him something extra to do with his cars.

Melissa and Doug toys from Wicked Uncle

As soon as it came I knew I had made the right decision . The vibrant colours on the wood just looks so nice . The cars are simple but do the job. It took Alby a little while to understand how it worked but as soon as he got it that was it .

Wicked Uncle helping me find the perfect present for my children. car ramp

To be fair this hasn’t just been a winner with Alby Ava loves it also . We are focusing a lot on sharing at home and this toys works perfectly with sharing . There is a car each and they have to wait till the other one has let their car go down .

using Wicked Uncle to find the perfect present

The whole thing is really sturdy and so well made Alby pulls himself up on it and bears all his weight and it’s fine . The little cars are really lovely and the wheels are securely on . This is always a worry of mine with cars that the wheels will fall off and he will put them in his mouth !

Now to Ava . Ava is coming three so we’re focusing more of her learning. So I’m trying my best to do things at home to enable her to continue to develop . One thing I had noticed is that her colour recognition wasn’t the best . So when I saw the sea turtle puzzle maze by Hape I knew we had to have it . This one toy will open so many learning opportunities up to her. Plus we love Hape toys we have lots of them already at home and like the Melissa and Doug toys I know they are great quality.

Wicked Uncle helping me find educational toys for my daughter

Ava has enjoyed using this more than I thought she would . Her control over the pen is fantastic. She is able to make her way through the maze putting the balls in the right places . Her colour recognition has improved loads and since playing with this she is staring to use colour names a lot more in her day-to-day conversations.

Wicked Uncle and Hape toys

I really liked the fact that there is a pen slot on the top to pop it away safe. So it won’t get pulled off when not in use. Or because it’s attached you won’t lose it . Which in our house is what we need . Things just seem to grow legs and walk off !

exploring colour with Hape toys from Wicked Uncle

Our overall thoughts on Wicked Uncle

It been a little while since I last used wicked uncle and I was surprised to see how many different products they stock . From all different price brackets which I think is really good. I love the way they split it into ages. For someone who doesn’t have kids but has to buy for kids it’s so helpful.

Or for someone like me who is totally stuck with that to buy . It’s given me so many ideas of products I can get for my kids . As I can clearly see what products are aimed at their ages.

The site itself is just really easy to navigate around and ordering in simple . I will say I found the payment side of things a little tricky on my phone so I did pop on the laptop to do it . Just because some of the sections are small and my phone wouldn’t pick let me tap in them . This said though it wouldn’t stop me from using them again.


Need ideas for christmas presents here are two fantasic products thanks to Wicked Uncle. it's the easy way to find products for children no matter how old they are. #giftideas #3yearoldpresent #babytoys #1yearold #cars #colourrecognition

*We received a £40 online voucher from Wicked Uncle to spend in return for an Honest review . However all opinions are my own *

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