I’m a young mom not a frumpy mom , trying to find clothes that fit.

Since having Ava I find it really hard to find clothes that both fit and that I like . Without knowing my wardrobe has turned into a really mommy wardrobe . Everything is practical and easy to wash and really doesn’t do a lot for my figure .

I very rarely go shopping now for clothes as I find the experience horrid . Battling through isles of clothes with a pushchair is not fun at all . They really need to look at the design of clothes shops . Also nothing fits this new mommy body of mine .

It wasn’t until I was asked to go out the other week that I realised I had no clothes I felt good in . Or that even looked like a 25 year old would normally wear to go out . I don’t mean short skirts or skimpy dresses just something nice to wear.

So when I was recently asked if I would like to review a Therapy cold shoulder top from House of Fraser. I was excited of the thought of new clothes and hopefully would make me feel better about myself.

what I thought

The top comes in both Burgundy and black . I went for the Burgundy as I thought it would be more versatile.Clothes from therapy house of fraiser

The top fitted lovely and gave me the boost I needed . The open shoulder section made it a little different . The ripped texture to the material I though also made it look more interesting.

I really like the button detail on the back especially when my hair was up.

Clothes for house of fraiser
The top washes really well and didn’t shrink at all or lose its shape . Which is fab as any mom will know your clothes don’t stay clean for long so will need to wash well.

Clothes that make me look more my age and not frumpy
I have worn the top for two different occasions. First of all for daily wear I would pair it with some jeans and nude loafers. Then when I went out I would wear it with some heals and high wasted jeans . A great versatile top that can be worn for many different occasions.

* I was sent the top shown above from House of Fraser for free in return for an honest review* 


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