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    Baby Budgeting: Coping With the Financial Side of a Newborn

    This is a collaborative post Planning for a baby is a difficult task. There are a lot of considerations to make. There are a lot of new purchases you have to prepare for in the future. You’re going to be in financial trouble if you don’t think smart about your purchases. Babies need a lot of things, ranging from food and toiletries to cots and buggies. So it’s never a bad idea to start baby budgeting and plan your expenses early. So you don’t run into financial trouble. Clearing Debts Before the Baby is Born The last thing you want to worry about when you’re raising a child is debt.…

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    Introduce Your New Born To The Big World With These Handy Tips

    This is a collaborative post  If your baby is still a new born, or you’re just about to give birth, the colder months could be cause for concern. It’s difficult to get out and about when you’re heavily pregnant. But if you add ice and snow on the ground, it can be impossible. The same goes with your new born. You could be worried that the temperatures are too cold for your little one. So how on earth do you make sure they are still having a healthy level of exposure to the big wide world? If your baby has been diagnosed with a chest complaint, then you’re probably best…

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    It can be so overwhelming having a new arrival . 

    It becomes overwhelming very quickly , I can remember even before Ava arrived the Amount of texts I got each day asking if she was here . This did really start to get me down because the answer was always the same NO!. I did have to say to some people I will let them know when she comes . As the ;

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    Having a baby , what do I actually need to buy ? 

    When I found out I was having a baby i was so excited and couldn’t wait to start buying everything . When looking through articles it seemed that you needed so much and I guess you do but remember most of these things are written by big companies that sell baby products . It can be an expensive time but like most moms will tell you , most of things you buy or are told to buy you will hardly ever use . I like to think of myself as being pretty organised so once we had our 20 week scan I started to research into what we needed and…

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    injection Fury !

    A couple of weeks ago now I got a letter saying that I needed to take Ava for her Meningitis B injection. At the time I thought this was a little odd as I was under the impression that she had already had hers and didn’t need any more. Like everything else this letter was put on the fridge and I didn’t think about it again until today. I had been advised by my health visitor to give Ava some Calpol before having her injections. I too was a little dubious about this as how would I see if she had any reaction to the injection ?. I just did as…

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    Put down the baby books !! 

    I remember when I was pregnant I was offered some baby and pregnancy books . Them ones that tell you what to expect , I did decline not because I didn’t want their books but just because I didn’t want any books about pregnancy and having a baby. Just the other day whilst out with Ava I heard a group of moms talking about what there little ones can and cannot do . One mom said that in the book they had it said their little one should be sitting at 6 months and there little one wasn’t . She then went on to say that do you think I…

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    The cost of having a baby 

    When I was pregnant I remember looking  through the Internet to see how much having a baby would cost us . I found that it was suggested you needed £5,500 pounds in the bank , before you should think about having a baby. Which we didn’t have and if I’m honest I don’t know many people that do . This did start to stress me out a little as I wanted the best for our new arrival and was we going to be able to afford it !. When we started to buy things for our new arrival we found that family wanted to help us . My parents had…

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    What is Colic ? 

    So as you may have see I have recently reviewed the MAM   Anti colic bottles. So this got me thinking what is Colic exactly?. I know a lot of babies get it. You will probably hear many moms talking about it but what is colic ? So after some research I found that it hasn’t been put down to one certain factor . They suggest that its your babies immature digestive system getting used to the formular milk, trapped wind or temparary gut sensitivity.  Thankfully most children grow out of it by the age of 4 Months and at the latest 6 months. How do I know if my baby has…

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    Baby brain problems 

    When your pregnant if your anything like me my brain seemed to change completely . I was always really good at remembering things and retaining information . But as soon as I got pregnant that seemed to change . I would have list after list at work reminding me things that I had to do !. I found i would muddle my words up or sometimes completely forget the word I was trying to say !! ( this was one of my tell tale signs I was pregnant ). My memory now is still really bad I have to set alarms to remind me to do things . Just yesterday…

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    Picking your child’s name !! 

    I found Being a nursery manager and working with children for many years it is so hard to pick a name for your little one !!. Certain names become less appealing to you because of one thing or another . So when we started to think of names for our baby I wanted a name that I had never looked after a child before with that name .   The other thing you have to think about is that they will have that name for the rest of there lives ( no pressure !). Some names I liked were cute for a little baby but just didn’t seem to be…

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    Arbonne products for baby and me

    Over the last week both me and Ava have been using some products from the Arbonne range and we have been really pleased with the results. Before I was offered some samples from the Arbonne range I had never heard about them. As I looked more into the company the more appealing their products were. They don’t use any animal products or by products, artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners . There is an extensive  list of other products that they don’t use to formulate their range, making them the best thing to use on both yourself and your little ones skin. I was sent the purifying cleanser and toner which I was so grateful…

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    Our first baby class

    So today I grew a pair and took Ava to my first baby class by myself !. The worry started before I even left the house , what should I wear ?( this isn’t normally a problem I have I just wanted to make sure I looked like a good mommy, how ever they look !). To make my morning that little bit more stressful the dog just didn’t want to come inside and being late is one of my pet hates so this was stressing me out a little. Its like she can just sense when were going out and I’m in a rush as she tends to by…

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    Stepping out to baby classes

    I remember when I was pregnant I had all good intentions that I was going to take Ava to all these amazing different classes to stimulate her . Well as I was house bound for the first 6 weeks because of having a C-section I think I lost some of my confidence with doing this . Don’t get me wrong me and Ava don’t sit in the house all day and don’t see anyone , I have taken her places but only where i have arranged to meet people I know . I think it’s the thought of walking into a room and not knowing anyone and thinking are all…