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    Blogging isn’t for the faint hearted- The true story of a blogger

    Many people think of blogging as a way to get lots of free stuff.Lets think about it if it was really that easy then everyone would be doing it. There would be thousand more blogs. What people don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes . The amount of hours it takes to get a post perfect. Every time I am sent something to review I have to do a number of things before the blog post is ready for you to see. Firstly I have to test the product. If it’s a beauty product this can take a number of weeks to test. As I need to see how it will…

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    What is a linky or link up ? 

    There are so many terms in the blogging world that I had never heard of before .the first one being linky . I had heard this term being thrown about a lot when I first started blogging and really wanted to know what it was all about . So after a little research I found out what it was all about . It’s pretty simple once you know what you’re  doing . So many bloggers hold things called linkys/link ups on their blogs . This is a place where other bloggers can share a link to a post they would like the get out there or just share . Not…