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    I have grown some lady balls and booked to go to a blogging conference 

    One of my blogging goals for 2017 is to attend a blogging conference . To be honest I didn’t think I was going to complete this goal . Thankfully Faye from Glossytots had to same goal and we are going to embrace the scary world of blogging conference together . On the surface I may seem a pretty confident person . Which I normally am in situations I am comfortable in , but doing something out of my comfort zone I turn into a nervous wreck . I always worry if I’m doing the right thing and always feel really self conscious. I haven’t just booked to do one blogging…

  • the truth about blogging
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    Blogging isn’t for the faint hearted- The true story of a blogger

    Many people think of blogging as a way to get lots of free stuff.Lets think about it if it was really that easy then everyone would be doing it. There would be thousand more blogs. What people don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes . The amount of hours it takes to get a post perfect. Every time I am sent something to review I have to do a number of things before the blog post is ready for you to see. Firstly I have to test the product. If it’s a beauty product this can take a number of weeks to test. As I need to see how it will…

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    My blogging goals for 2017 

    My blogging journey started in March this year  when my little space of the internet that I call Beauties and the bibs was created  . I have kind off been winging it and hopeing that I do something right . I have picked up nuggets of information along the way with what to do with all the techy stuff from Facebook blogger groups . Running and maintaining a blog is a lot harder work then I originally thought . I say to others don’t get consumed in your stats but it is really hard . Especially when you can see them going up and up then suddenly take a gigantic…

  • Tots 100 top 500 badge
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    It may only be for 1 month but I’m in the top 500 in Tots100

    Ahhh so I have made it into the top 500 in  the Tots 100 ranking . To many people this means nothing and to be honest up until a couple of months ago it didn’t really mean nothing to me . I know many bloggers have made the decision to leave the Tots100 rankings , but for me I use it as a guide . To see how I have been doing . I am one for setting myself goals . When I signed up to Tots I said to myself when I have been blogging a year I want to see my name in the top 500. Well 9…