• Taking Kya on walks the reason why we decided to rehome
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    Mommy guilt toward our dog Kya

    As you may have read in my previous posts we have a dog called Kya . Although she is quite a big dog she is still classed as a puppy. We got Kya after we sadly lost or first puppy milo at the age of 8 months . We had Kya from 8 weeks old and she filled our life we joy straight away. She is just so loving and likes to get on you and have a big cuddle . Like most people we spoil Kya buying her nice treats and toys all the time . Even thought we know the toys will only last 5 minutes before she…

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    Our little puppy Milo gone but never forgotten

    A year ago we lost the best little puppy anyone could ever ask for !! . Growing up i was never aloud a pet as my mom is sooooo house proud and anyone who has got a pet knows that they can be messy little things . So we had looked forever thinking about what dog we wanted , as soon as we saw the advertisement for milo I fell in love straight away !! . Milo was half jack Russell half pug making him a jug and the cutest thing I have ever seen . When we went to look at him I was so excited and couldn’t wait…

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    Pets and babies

    When I found out I was pregnant and we started to tell people ,what I heard quite a lot of the time is so are you getting rid of the dog or remember never leave the dog alone with the baby ( like I would do that ) . This came quite frustrating as Kya ( that’s our dog ) was there before we knew I was pregnant and she is one of the family not something I would just toss out when we had enough of her !! . The last few months of my pregnancy having a very hyper dog was getting hard . I hate to say…