Comforters yes or no ! 

As you may have read in a previous post Ava has a dummy and is very comforted by it when is upset or tired. Without this Dummy I may be pulling my hair out as it soothes her very quickly and sometimes is the only thing to calm her. We are big fans of comforters !.

Then recently we noticed that she would find the labels on anything and suck then . So I searched the Internet and came across the slumber sac Taggie blanket . This consists of a little blanket which has different textured labels around the outside which she loves to feel or suck .

I have recently had some negative comments from people saying I am giving her to many comfort items and that I should take them all away from her !!. That she needs to learn to self sooth and not rely on these. This really angered me , why would I take something away from her that makes her happy . It’s like me taking away something you really love for no real reason !.

I remember whilst on some training with work they said that children have comforters may it be a dummy or a blanket as it make them feel safe and secure . We also shouldn’t take them off our children let them decide. If your child cannot find their comforter this can cause anxiety .

So I will not be taking them off Ava and she can have them whenever she wants . I know adults that still have a comfort item like a blanket or a teddy or even suck their thumbs and they are well rounded adults.

Ava’s now 2 and a half and is still loving her comfort items . The taggy blanket didn’t last too long though . It took her a while to find the right one for her .

She now has a bunny that goes everywhere with her. She loves bunny and if I’m honest I think it’s so cute to see her walking around with it. Bunny has been a saviour if I’m honest . Especially when she started nursery as I knew if she was upset then bunny could soothe her. Most of the time she doesn’t have bunny in her hand but it’s never too far away.

I joke that bunny will be with us for a good few years. I can imagine her being that child going to a friends to sleep over at 12 and still taking her bunny . You know what though if it helps her to feel safe and secure so what. The only thing I did wish was she didn’t get attached to the most expensive bunny . We have a load of plush bunnies but no she loves the Jellycat bunny that was ¬£16 a bunny and it can only be hand washed.

You know the funniest thing is that I have been stockpiling this Jellycat bunny as I fear one day they will stop stocking it . You know that will be the day that we cannot find any of her bunnies and all hell will break loose.

She does also still have her dummy but she’s not too fussy over that. The only time she will have it is when she goes to bed . Which is fine , it hasn’t impacted her speech and her teeth are fine . I do hope though that she will slowly wean herself off it and not use it at all. We will see when that day will come but I’m not going to push it.

Do you still have a comfort item from when you were little ?

Here are some reasons to why we should let our children have comfort items #comforters #dummy #dummies #comfortitems #babies #secure


Today Ava had the dreaded injections poor thing . Thankfully all being well these will be her last ones until she is one .( now that is scary to think about her being one )

She was such a brave girl in total she had to have three injections . The first one she didn’t even,She just smiled at the lady as if nothing had happened .

Today was the first time Jordan was able to come with us because of work commitments and he couldn’t believe how brave she was . We joked that if she was older she would of more than deserved an icecream or sweets . To be honest I think I would of cried a lot more than she did and more than likely still be moaning about it now !.

Now I have got one snuggled little girl having cuddles before bed time . I just pray to God that she sleeps or it’s going to be one long night .

My advise to any parents taking there little ones for injections is not to think about it . If you do think about it just think about the need for them and how it will benift them . Otherwise you could be sitting there feeling horrid that you have put your little one through it .

Dummy yes or no !

I have worked in nurseries now for many years now. I was the first person to say I don’t know why they have got a dummy they don’t need it ! . A lot of parents will tell you.I was the one to take their dummy’s off them.On many occasions I have been given them to send to the dummy fairy .

So when we knew we were having a baby I didn’t really think much about dummy’s .I did go and buy a pack just incase but didn’t really intend to use one . So I had packed my hospital bag and didn’t even cross my mind about taking one with me.

Whilst in hospital after having Ava I had a really bad night with her. I wasted so much milk cause all she wanted was the teat and not actually drink any of the milk. So when we got Home I thought right let’s try the dummy. As it seemed she just wanted something to suck on to soothe her.

She took to it straight away and loves her dummy now . We don’t give it for the sake of it .Only if she is upset and most the time in the night she just bobs it out when she is finished. If anything I think it has helped her to sleep better as when she wakes up in the night she is soothed quickly by the dummy and goes straight back to sleep.

So to all the parents over the years I may have looked at over the years and thought. Why have you given them a dummy I understand now I am in the same boat as you !.

Were now two and a half years down the line and the dummy is still around. Ava does only have her dummy when she is tired which I’m happy about. I was thinking about sending the dummy to the Dummy fairy or giving it to Santa. But Alby was born in December so I didn’t want her to have too many changes all at once. I’m thinking that I might give it to Santa next Christmas.She will be nearly 3 .Hopefully she will understand more and be ready to let go of it.

I used to think that letting your baby have a dummy was lazy parenting. That was until I had a child of my own then I realised why some babies need dummies to soothe themselves #dummies #dummy #pacifiers #parenting

We have since had another child and we made the decision again to give him a dummy . From the moment Alby was born he was soothed from a dummy . He is quite an emotional child so I don’t think I could do without the dummy.

Alby however isn’t as attached to it as Ava was and still is . He only wants his when he is tired and will never just have it because it’s there . I’m hoping when it comes to taking it away . He will be easier to convince . At the moment I’m putting the work in with Ava to tell her that she won’t have her dummy soon . We have gone with that it’s going to Santa in return for a present . She’s telling me she wants a purple bike . So let’s see if she still feels like this when Christmas comes . I’m hoping it’s not too stressful and upsetting for us all.

If you have any tips on how to get her to stop having It they would be greatly appreciated.

I used to think that letting your baby have a dummy was lazy parenting. That was until I had a child of my own then I realised why some babies need dummies to soothe themselves #dummies #dummy #pacifiers #parenting