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    Quick Fixes To Transform Your Home This Christmas

    This is a collaborative post As the festive period approaches, you start the think about the ways you can transform your home. You might not be looking for big, costly pieces of work to do, but smaller changes that can make just as much difference to your living space. So, if you’re looking for quick ways to do that, you’ll find five key tips on achieving the same effect as a dramatic transformation with less of the stress. Some of these ideas are even budget-less, only requiring a bit of effort instead; making them perfect for a small home spruce this Christmas. Wash The Furnishings First things first, one of…

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    Fajitas a quick and easy meal for parents on the go

    With such a busy life quick and easy meals are a must have. I have a few go to meals that I use a lot . fajita is one of them not only are they easy to make they are really yummy. Want to see how we made ours then keep on reading. First of all chop the chicken into small chunks. Then place in a frying pan on the hob on a medium heat and cooked until white in the middle. This normally takes around ten minutes. The time will ;

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    Milton mini  portable soother steriliser

    Late last week we were sent the mini portable soother steriliser from Milton. I was so excited to try this out as Ava has recently learnt how to get her dummy out of her mouth then drop it . Normally on the floor whilst we’re out and about !! . Carrying lots of dummies just incase was getting a little frustrating . Now I will no longer have to do this ( thank you so much Milton !!) One of my biggest worries is germs  especially on Ava’s things as her being little still I worry that she my become poorly so sterilising is such a big thing for me…

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    Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra moisture razor smooth legs nice and easy !

    I have been lucky enough to review the Wilkinson Sword Intuition ultra moisture razor, Being a new mommy finding time to look after yourself is always bottom of the never ending to do list. So when I saw that this razor included a built in soap that lathers,shaves and moisturise I  was excited to try it out. The Razor gave a really close shave leaving my legs nice and smooth as it includes SheaButter in the built in head, the head also pivots to glide along the contour of your body with ease !( meaning no chunks taken out of your legs when doing it in a rush, as the little…

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    The self warming baby bottle by Yoomi !!

    So we have all been there your out and about with your little one and they need a warm bottle !!!. So you either plan your day so your at home for bottle time, then try and fit all your jobs that you need to do in between this. Only go to places that you know will warm their bottles up, or carry around a bulky canister of boiled warm water. Well Yoomi have answered many parents wishes by creating a bottle that at a touch of a button warms your babies milk to the temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds !!!. With Ava I haven’t given her warm bottles because of…