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    College or university what route should I take ? 

    Nearly ten years ago I was faced with the decision . Do I stay on at school and do my A levels then go to university or do I go straight to college . At such a young age you have to make sure a huge discussion something that could potentially impact the rest of your life . It was a decision I didn’t find easy to make. I was really torn with what to do and what would be best for me . I had lots of people expressing their options to me and I just didn’t know what to do for the best . I knew what I…

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    My first half  term at uni – advance child development 

    So I am at the end of my first half term back at uni and it’s been pretty full on . This time it’s a lot harder to fit in time to do my work as I have a child that moves and demands things . Or just likes to play on the laptop !. So my first term back we have looked at advance child development. This is a subject I find really interesting even more so now I have Ava . As geeky as it may sound I love researching into the history of child development . Looking at why we do the things we do in childcare…

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    I’m going to do it : back to university

    As some of you may have read previously. During the summer I graduated from my foundation year of university . I still cannot believe that I actually graduated. It wasn’t an easy ride with being both pregnant and then having a newborn , but I did it ! ( pats self on back ) During the summer I then had to  decide if I wanted to go back and complete my last year. All different thoughts were running through my mind . The main one being can I do this !. This time round I have a child on the move that can sense when I’m getting my laptop out…

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    NCC home learning – Fiction/ creative writing competition

    Since I have started blogging I have written in a way that I have never written before. I was so used to Formal writing. This was a format I felt comfortable with . As I had written like this for years both at university and at work. Making the transition to creative writing at times can be hard. English has never been my strong point so thinking of words to make my writing sound more interesting can sometime be difficult . I do like to think over the months I have become better at this and it has become more natural to me. NCC home learning have put together a competition where…

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    I did it I graduated from university !

      Just under three years ago I started university not knowing if I would be able to do it . It had been a long time since I had done anything like it . Would I be able to cope with the work load and working fulltime . To start with I’m not going to lie I did find it hard remembering old skills and also learning new ones . Like Har;

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    All you do is play all day- yer right !!

    For as long as I can remember I always wanted to work with children. I can remember being about 9 or 10 and going round my moms friends house who was a child minder and helping her with the children. So as soon as I realised college was the way to go I knew straight away what course I wanted to do. I worked my little butt of doing my BTEC in childcare and came out with a triple distinction which to this day I am still very proud of. Being newly qualified it can be hard to find a job In any sector. So I signed up to a…