injection Fury !

A couple of weeks ago now I got a letter saying that I needed to take Ava for her Meningitis B injection. At the time I thought this was a little odd as I was under the impression that she had already had hers and didn’t need any more. Like everything else this letter was put on the fridge and I didn’t think about it again until today.


I had been advised by my health visitor to give Ava some Calpol before having her injections. I too was a little dubious about this as how would I see if she had any reaction to the injection ?. I just did as I have been previously told and gave Ava some Calpol ready for her injections.


Before going to the doctors I did take a look at her red book and I could see that she had previously had some meningitis B injections and I couldn’t see any space for anymore ?. So when I got to the doctors I spoke to the receptionist about this and stated that I didn’t think she required any more . She agreed with me but went off to check with the nurse, after a few minutes she came back, ,handed me my red book and said no she is fine bye!.

I was that angry I just walked out of the doctors !. If I hadn’t of noticed would they or would they just of given her another injection. If so what effect could this have on her !!. What worries me the most is have other parents had this letter and have they taken them to have their injections and have they been given it again. Or was my letter just a mistake and the only one !!. Also I hate to give Ava Calpol if she doesn’t need it and today I medicated her for nothing !.

It so stressful being a parent you are always second guessing yourself but today I knew I was right and that they had made the mistake I’m so glad I had noticed.




Today Ava had the dreaded injections poor thing . Thankfully all being well these will be her last ones until she is one .( now that is scary to think about her being one )

She was such a brave girl in total she had to have three injections . The first one she didn’t even,She just smiled at the lady as if nothing had happened .

Today was the first time Jordan was able to come with us because of work commitments and he couldn’t believe how brave she was . We joked that if she was older she would of more than deserved an icecream or sweets . To be honest I think I would of cried a lot more than she did and more than likely still be moaning about it now !.

Now I have got one snuggled little girl having cuddles before bed time . I just pray to God that she sleeps or it’s going to be one long night .

My advise to any parents taking there little ones for injections is not to think about it . If you do think about it just think about the need for them and how it will benift them . Otherwise you could be sitting there feeling horrid that you have put your little one through it .