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    It can be so overwhelming having a new arrival . 

    It becomes overwhelming very quickly , I can remember even before Ava arrived the Amount of texts I got each day asking if she was here . This did really start to get me down because the answer was always the same NO!. I did have to say to some people I will let them know when she comes . As the ;

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    Baby safari sit me up cosy giraffe from mothercare

    The baby sit me up cosy giraffe is a fantastic product as it grows up with your baby. The inflatable rings form a comfy cushion for your little one to lie on .If they are anything like Ava they will enjoy being able to look around the room at what is going on ,which she is unable to do in her Moses basket. The cosy nest is then transformed into a supportive prop once your little one is starting to sit up. Also included are a number of small rattles and toys along with the soft fabric this will help encourage your babies sensory development. This product is avalable from…