• Collaborative

    Mid week meals with Dolmio #Thankgoodness challenge

    Wednesday or hump day as many refer to it is a rubbish day. It still seems so far away till it’s the weekend but it’s also nearly in grasp. This is a day where I am pretty rubbish at cooking I just lose all motivation. This normally results in us having a takeaway or a quick fix meal in the microwave. Then I look down at my waist line and think I really shouldn’t have eaten that !. A couple of weeks ago an email dropped into my inbox asking me to take part in the #ThankGoodness challenge with Dolmio. This consists of easy and simple meals that can be done quickly. Now I’m not…

  • Fajitas

    Fajitas a quick and easy meal for parents on the go

    With such a busy life quick and easy meals are a must have. I have a few go to meals that I use a lot . fajita is one of them not only are they easy to make they are really yummy. Want to see how we made ours then keep on reading. First of all chop the chicken into small chunks. Then place in a frying pan on the hob on a medium heat and cooked until white in the middle. This normally takes around ten minutes. The time will ;