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    Savvy Saving Tips For a Rainy Day

    This is a collaborative post Have you decided to set up a rainy day fund? Are you hoping to book a summer holiday or would you like to try and move up the property ladder or start putting money aside for your children’s future? Whatever your motive, it’s always good to have a pot to dip into when you need money unexpectedly, or you fancy treating yourselves. Putting money away can be tough, but there are some surprisingly easy ways to spend less and save more. Reducing spending Think about what you spend money on every month. What are your biggest expenses? It may not be possible to bring down…

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    money saving tips for families- saving for family days out

    This is a collaborative post with Cash Lady. saving money is always a topic of conversation within my circle of friends. Especially because we have  families and have so many things we want to do with them but there isn’t always the money to do it. Some people may turn to quick loans to help them out in difficult financial situations. This doesn’t always have to be the answer there are things you can do to save some money before it gets to that point. My money-saving tips Put down the plastic It’s so easy now to pay for anything you want with just a swipe of your card. Making it really hard to…

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    money making tips fromThe Money Shed

    As a new year comes around a lot of people start thinking about what they want to achieve and do. For a lot of people it will involve maybe buying or doing things that cost quite a bit of extra money. A lot of people will maybe get a loan and then pay off it off later on. I don’t. My name is Jon and I run The Money Shed and in the last 18 months I’ve had 2 trips to Florida, a new car and a conservatory all paid for with online earnings and now I want to help you out as well! In this post I’m going to…

  • having a baby can cost alot but it doesnt have to

    Have You Got A Baby On The Way But Money Is Tight? check out how to keep costs down

    This is a collaborative post There’s no denying that babies can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean that if you are pregnant and money is tight that you need to panic. Because although preparing for the arrival of a new born can be pricey, there are ways that you can cut costs, so there’s no need to stress. To help make the preparation process easier, below are some tips and pieces of advice. By taking note of the below tips, you can make sure that your new addition doesn’t leave you bankrupt. Make a list of what you need Photo source When it comes to new borns, there are some…

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    How to make a little extra money using Swagbucks

    If you’re wanting to make a little extra cash then Swagbucks is for you. It’s not one of these dodgy websites asking you to sign your life away and the contents of your house away. Swagbucks is rated #1 site to make money online by MSE and save the student. It’s really simple and easy all you have to do is answer some surveys. Answering surveys will reward you with Swagbucks which then can be turned into vouchers. You can get such a wide ;

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    Having a baby , what do I actually need to buy ? 

    When I found out I was having a baby i was so excited and couldn’t wait to start buying everything . When looking through articles it seemed that you needed so much and I guess you do but remember most of these things are written by big companies that sell baby products . It can be an expensive time but like most moms will tell you , most of things you buy or are told to buy you will hardly ever use . I like to think of myself as being pretty organised so once we had our 20 week scan I started to research into what we needed and…