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    Being organised is key for getting out the house in the morning

    Yesterday was my first day back at work and Ava’s first day at nursery. During my time off we haven’t really needed to leave the house that early . So I haven’t really had to get my arse into gear. So Monday evening I was in a little bit of a panic , the thought of being late to my first day of work was making me feel a little sick. This may also have been because I was a little nervous about going back to work. Not because I was worried about Ava but because I was worried if I was going to be able to be work me again.…

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    Getting organised to go back to work with CollinsĀ 

    With some help from Collins I am going to be ultra organised for when I go back to work in January . I have always been pretty organised , I’m a big lover of stationary and organisers . Now not only do I have to organise myself I have to organise a house . Get meals organised for the week . Plan what housework needs to be done and on what days . Most important of all where are we on what days . As Jordan works shift each week is different. First of all I was sent an A5 day to a page diary . In a bid to…