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    How to wean your toddler off the bottle easily

    We are coming to the end of what seems like a life time of having bottles in our house. It’s not something that has happened over night. We have been doing small changes to get to the end goal of no bottles. I thought I would share with you what we have done. Just incase any of the things we have done will help you. How to wean toddler from bottle Dropping the nap time bottle This was the first thing we did. I started to notice that Alby wasn’t really needing a bottle to go down for a nap. He was just messing around with it. Or throwing it…

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    How I stopped my Daughter using her dummy

    Ava is now Three and for the last 6 months I have been thinking about taking away her dummy. Not for any reason other than I think she’s getting too old for it. The road to getting rid of the dummy has been a long one. This is because Ava isnt one for change she likes to know when things will happen and how they will happen. So we she started back at nursery we started to really reduce the amount she had her dummy. I think seeing other children at nursery not having a dummy work wonders for her. She was never one to have it in her mouth…

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    Baby Budgeting: Coping With the Financial Side of a Newborn

    This is a collaborative post Planning for a baby is a difficult task. There are a lot of considerations to make. There are a lot of new purchases you have to prepare for in the future. You’re going to be in financial trouble if you don’t think smart about your purchases. Babies need a lot of things, ranging from food and toiletries to cots and buggies. So it’s never a bad idea to start baby budgeting and plan your expenses early. So you don’t run into financial trouble. Clearing Debts Before the Baby is Born The last thing you want to worry about when you’re raising a child is debt.…

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    We did Mother’s Day a day early 

    Today we celebrated Mother’s Day . One of the main reasons for this is because restaurants place a hefty price tag on meals just because it’s Mother’s Day . Yes you may be able to take the mom along for free but then the other meals cost more than they normally would ! Why would I want to go to a restaurant and spend £20 more just because it’s Mother’s Day . I would rather go the day before and have the same meal and save some money ! Jordan did ask me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and to be honest I couldn’t really think of anything. I already…

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    Transiting to part time work after maternity leave.

    In the last couple of weeks I have returned to work part time . This is a completely new world to me . Since I was 16 I have worked around 30 hours a week so going part time is really odd. I love my job I’m really lucky to have such an understanding boss that has made my transition back to work so much easier . I’m just finding part time work really hard . I’m not a person that’s able to switch off . I am ;

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    Things need to change, bring back photo albums and going to see a family photographer

      I remember when I was little we had loads of photo albums . I used to love looking through them and talking about what was happening . Remembering grandparents and family members who had passed . Keeping  their memories alive . Nowadays all pictures are kept on our phones and laptops . How many times have you sat there and looked through them . I bet the answer is hardly ever unless you’re looking for something specific. What about if one day all those photos and memories were gone . What would you do then ? When Ava was around 5 months old I broke the screen on my…

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    Valentine’s Day is it worth all the fuss . Do we really need a day to say I love you

    This is a collaborative post with rattan direct. Regarding people views on Valentines Day.  I’m not a big fan of Valentines Day if I’m honest . I Personally think it’s just another reason to spend money when you don’t really need to .Money that could be spent on something else that you actually need . It’s  a holiday that hugely benefits retailers. Selling everything from extortionate priced roses to chocolate hearts. Do we really need a special day to show someone how much they mean to you . I would rather it Jordan did something that was on a totally random day of the year . Not on a day…

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    Parenting or personality that is the question

    Recently I have been wondering if Ava is the way she is because the way we  are parenting   . We’re not experts at it we’re just muddling  through hoping we make the right decisions. Or is it just her nature her personality. Ava is such an easy child , well most of the time . She is currently being a winge bag as it’s that Horrid time between finishing nursery and bed time . Apart from that she is pretty easy . She is really laid back. I mean she has got eye drops at the moment and lets you put them in without even moaning. Is Ava the…

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    It’s cool now to be Ginger 

    Growing up I had a few friends who were red heads or ginger as may people refer to it as. I watched the struggles they went through with bullying purely based on their hair colouring . As If someone’s hair colour is a reason to be horrid to them . Names like carrot head and ginger pubes would be thrown their way a lot. Even when they hadn’t done nothing to deserve being called names. I remember walking home from school with my friend and people we didn’t even know shouting these names at her. It then came to a point that people with red hair accepted being called these…

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    The things you do when your parents

    So as I’m lying in my daughters cot trying to get her to sleep: I started to think about all the things us parents do . That people without children may think are totally bonkers, and to be honest they would probably be right for think that . Sleep time can be a right nightmare and you will do anything for them to sleep . Even if it does mean getting in to the cot . Then comes the ninja moves to try an get out without waking them up. All parents have done the army crawl along the floor once they are asleep. Just incase they wake up they won’t…

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    Parenting with Anne Robinson #annerobinsonsbritan

    Wow watching Anne Robinson’s Britain last night made me feel so good about myself . She was looking at parenting and all the different styles there are.She opened the program with the statement Your all striving for an impossible goal to be perfect mothers . That’s where it has all gone pair shaped. There is no such things as a perfect mother ! Thank god ! I will stop striving to be this perfect mother and just be mom. Like one of the moms said on a scale of 1-10 sometimes I’m a 10 sometimes I’m a 2. It just depends on the situation ( love this !! ) She…

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    The working parents guide, to raising happy and confident children :Review & giveaway

    I have recently been sent a copy of Nadim Saad’s newest book The working parents guide, to raising happy and confident children. Now I’m not normally someone who reads parenting manuals but with my return to work fast approaching I thought this one may be useful. The normal problem I find with parenting books is that the author doesn’t seem to be like me. I always imagine them to have a million people to do different things for them, not actually parenting. So they don’t really have to tackle the same things that I do day-to-day . With this book it’s completely different I could tell straight away Nadim was talking from a…

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    Children keep you on your toes !

    This is a collaborative post with fast keys. They provide replacement keys and locks online. I have looked after children now in a nursery environment for many years . I didn’t realise how hard it can be to be a parent until I had Ava. They sure do keep you on your toes. Now Ava is kind of crawling she gets around really well . I’m sure sometimes I blink and she has made it across the room. She has got a big thing for the dogs toys . I’m sure its because she knows she’s not aloud to have them .She even looks back at me as if to…

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    Put down the baby books !! 

    I remember when I was pregnant I was offered some baby and pregnancy books . Them ones that tell you what to expect , I did decline not because I didn’t want their books but just because I didn’t want any books about pregnancy and having a baby. Just the other day whilst out with Ava I heard a group of moms talking about what there little ones can and cannot do . One mom said that in the book they had it said their little one should be sitting at 6 months and there little one wasn’t . She then went on to say that do you think I…

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    Parenting Hurdles !

    Working in a nursery for many years I have come across many different parenting styles and I remember when I was watching these different parents I thought I am not going to be like that ( this is normally the mom that’s ;