Today Ava had the dreaded injections poor thing . Thankfully all being well these will be her last ones until she is one .( now that is scary to think about her being one )

She was such a brave girl in total she had to have three injections . The first one she didn’t even,She just smiled at the lady as if nothing had happened .

Today was the first time Jordan was able to come with us because of work commitments and he couldn’t believe how brave she was . We joked that if she was older she would of more than deserved an icecream or sweets . To be honest I think I would of cried a lot more than she did and more than likely still be moaning about it now !.

Now I have got one snuggled little girl having cuddles before bed time . I just pray to God that she sleeps or it’s going to be one long night .

My advise to any parents taking there little ones for injections is not to think about it . If you do think about it just think about the need for them and how it will benift them . Otherwise you could be sitting there feeling horrid that you have put your little one through it .

Ava and Kya how did this turn into us rehoming her

The night from hell

Last week sometime I wrote a post about our bedtime routine and how Ava likes to sleep ,well now I am eating my words last night I had he night from hell ! .

Ava went to bed as normal went straight to sleep really easy , feeling a little unwell I thought I would get an early night ! . As soon as I got comfy in bed the crying started !. I did as I usually do and put her dummy in turn on Ewan and left her to drift back off to sleep . Last night this just didn’t work and the normal cry turned into very loud screaming .

As this wasn’t working I thought right lets see if she is hungry but no she didn’t want milk , didn’t want a cuddle nothing would settle her . Sitting there in her room with her screaming I had a moment of doubt . Why can I not settle her ? I thought I knew her well and could understand what she wanted !. Am I not being a good mommy does she not want me ! . These thoughts of doubt were probably 1 because I was feeling poorly and needed sleep and 2 because I had now sat there for 3 hours and she is still not settled.

Anything you could think of I tried last night and nothing worked at all she didn’t have a temperature she didn’t want a cuddle didn’t want her own space nothing !.

Eventually she settled in her bed at around 4.30 in the morning feeling emotional and tired I just pleaded with her to give mommy at least an hour of sleep and that she did. She decided at about 7 that she was ready for the day to start big smiles the works . Me was not so ready for the day to start so a cuddle in our bed was on the books . Just to give me another hour to lie down not even sleep .

It’s crazy that as soon as I saw her big smile in the morning I forgave her a little I mean I am still shattered and poorly now but we have had a snuggled up day on the sofa .

night from hell
And also having snuggle with our puppy dog Kya!

We all have those nights with our kids when they dont sleep. Well this night in particular i dont think i closed my eyes for a moment !! #parenting #tired #nosleep #babies

Mommy’s are not aloud to be poorly 

For the past few days now I haven’t been feeling 100% I had just put it down to Ava being a monkey and not wanting to sleep at night !.

Well today I have woken up and just feel terrible sore throat , head ache the works !. To talk to Jordan this morning before he went to work I had to whisper so didn’t hurt my throat .

When I used to feel poorly I would have a pj day and stay in bed watching a ton of tv and maybe even a film . Not now !! I still have to look after Ava , granted she is not the hardest child to look after but when you don’t feel 100% making a cup of tea is a massive effort.

I’m just going to keep on going , we go to baby yoga on a Thursday and Ava loves it . I don’t want me feeling a little poorly ruin it for her  so we are still going . I know some of you are thinking she only little she won’t even notice if you don’t go . I will know though and I know how much she loves it ! .!

So hopefully as my day goes on I feel better or that the doctors will give me something later to help !!.

Mommys just aren’t aloud to be poorly we just have to keep on going !.

Note the filter on the picture so the bags under my eyes look as if its a the filter lol #momproblems .

Doctor’s make you feel so stupid !!

So for about two weeks now Ava has had a cold and a little cough. Last night she was crying a coughing lots ( this is unlike her she loves her sleep and I normally get a good 7 hours out of her, then all she wants is her dummy then back off to sleep she goes , Lucky I know !) . Nothing I was doing was easing it for her did the elevation of the  mattress to prop her up and still she was upset.

This morning I felt so sorry for her and thought right its about time I took her to the doctors. Having a history of Asthma in my family and me having it quite badly as a child this started to make me worry.

Thankfully the doctors were able to get us in to be seen. so I took her down the Doctor looked at her checked her ears and her chest . Then simply went she is fine !. I looked at him wanting a little more then that and he just went so nothing to worry about !!. Well we know are children best and she isn’t 100% I’m not saying I want some medicine as don’t really want her to have it so young, but the look on his face as if I was making it up made me so ANGRY!.

If anyone has any tips for me I would appreciate them with her only being 10 weeks the chemist wont give me anything for her other than a spray for her nose !!.