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    Mcvitie’s helping biscuit monsters everywhere to cut down

    If your anything like me opening a packet of biscuits means that you will eat the whole packet . Then feel bad about it afterwards as you really didn’t need to eat them all. Well Mcvitie’s are here to help with biscuit  monsters like me . They have recently released their Mcvitie’s to go range. Which are the amazing Mcvities biscuits you are used to just in a handy on the go portion . They contain two biscuits which is great as eating a whole pack doesn’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards. These have made a great addition to my lunch box and also a snack for Ava. They gave…

  • Snack smart go ahead range

    Snack smart on the go with go ahead : review 

    Being a parent means you’re the bottom of the pile when it comes to meal times . You either don’t have anything or pick a snack up on the go . Which is generally unhealthy . Then if your like me  you sit there getting down about your weight . Well recently I have been sent some of the go ahead snack range to try . To help me with snacking on the go . My first thoughts was that I loved the Packaging it instantly made me want to eat them . I also like the ;

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    Days out made easier by Mamia #MamiaDaysOut

    This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut linky challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia. Taking Ava out is normally pretty stress free she has always loved being around people. I am now starting to find that she gets bored whilst in her pushchair. She either starts shouting at the top of her voice or crying . I have tried taking toys along with me and for a little while this works. Then once she is bored she throws them out normally landing in someone’s path. Then I have to do a very inelegant leap to save them from falling on them. I have now become that mom who takes snack with her…