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    Not just one but four new teeth 

    It’s been a long week in our house . Ava hasn’t been well so this has made her ultra clingy and moaning a lot . I thought it could be her teeth but wasn’t sure. To start with I really wasn’t sure what was wrong with her . We went to a party at a play barn a week ago . Now usually Ava loves going to he play barn . Especially seeing all the children , she just loves to be around other kids . When we got there she seemed fine had slept quite a lot during the day but thought nothing much of it . So I put…

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    The first tooth 

    Over the last week or so Ava has been a little off . We put that down to the heat as it has been really warm.Not did we think she maybe cutting her first tooth!. She has had such bad nappy rash the poor thing, to the point where I think I have used a whole tub of cream in a week. Her horrid nappies weren’t  exactly helping her nappy rash. We also had the ;