So a little bit about me .I am a mommy to a beautiful little girl called Ava willow who was late to arrive to the world, born 01/01/2016 and Alby William born 04/12/2017. I am currently on maternity leave but when I am at work I work in the early years.

about me beauties and the bibs

Over the last few years I have completely changed job roles.I have gone from a nursery manager to the early years and marketing co-ordinator. This shift has been .one because of having my own children and two because I have learnt new skills through blogging that has enabled me to help the company I work for in different ways. I have also not long completed my Degree in early childhood studies, which was both fun and challenging. In a very strange way I’m missing not learning. For now I’m done with education but I can see that at some point I will go back into it. Maybe do my masters or train in something else who knows the possibilities are endless.

I started my blog back in March 2016 after having Ava. I found that being a parent I was getting very lonely. I didn’t want to go to many groups for the fear of being judged so did a lot by myself. Blogging has given me a new lease of confidence and I have done things I never thought I would. Week in week out I put my life out there for people to look at. At first this terrified me.If I’m honest I was scared that people would judge me and maybe not like me. As time has gone on I realised that I blog for me and its a great way to document our life. If people read it then that’s amazing. Maybe my hectic life might give other parents the sense of not being alone and maybe even a comfort to some. Were all in the same boat some days we are winning and other days were maybe not. But the most important thing is we love our kids and they are alive and well !!

Family is the most important thing to me and I love to spend time with them. One of the things I want is for my children to grow up and say they had an amazing childhood. Full of fun memories of days out and holidays. I was really lucky to have a great childhood and I want my children to have the same.

Myself and Jordan got engaged in December 2016 .One day you never know we might actually make it down the isle and get married. For now though I’m happy with how things are and I’m in no rush to get married. Not because I don’t want to but mainly because it isn’t cheap .We have so many other things we need to do. Like move house and go on our first family holiday.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and thank you for taking the time to look around.

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