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    My blogging goals for 2017 

    My blogging journey started in March this year  when my little space of the internet that I call Beauties and the bibs was created  . I have kind off been winging it and hopeing that I do something right . I have picked up nuggets of information along the way with what to do with all the techy stuff from Facebook blogger groups . Running and maintaining a blog is a lot harder work then I originally thought . I say to others don’t get consumed in your stats but it is really hard . Especially when you can see them going up and up then suddenly take a gigantic…

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    Amazing durable name labels from kidecals : review

    The day when Ava will have to go to nursery is fast approaching. Working in a nursery now for many years now I know all to well how important it is to label your children’s things. There is nothing worse than two children having the same shoes , same size and no idea who is who. So when I was asked by Kidecals to review their name labels I immediately said yes. I started by heading over to their website to find the design for me. There is a design for everything from pink and pretty to footballs. They come in different shapes and sizes and different ;