So that’s it back to work for me

My first day back at work is done . If I’m honest it doesn’t feel like I have been away from the place . Some staff may have changed but it’s still the same place. I will say I’m one of those people who likes to go to work . Although my job is challenging


Many people start a blog to make money but they are the people that wont make it. You have to have passion for what you do in order to bring people to your content #blogging #tips #monitise #moneymaking #bloggingtips

If you think after having your blog for a few weeks you should be earning money and companies should want to work with you. Then you need to think again . I’m in several Facebook groups and more often I’m seeing posts like I’m new to the blogging world what’s the best way to monetise


Transitioning from a bedside crib to a cot

Since Alby has been born we have used the Knuma Huddle bedside crib of a night-time . It really has made the nights so much easier . I can honestly say I have had very few nights where I haven’t had a decent amount of sleep. If I need to see to him in the night