5 Important Hygiene Measures for Cats and Dogs

*This is a collaborative post* A crucial part of caring for your cat or dog is ensuring that all of their needs are met. While providing them with a well-balanced diet, water and exercise are important, proper hygiene is equally important for maintaining optimal health. From brushing their teeth to giving regular flea and tick


Things to watch on telly in June

*This is a collaborative post* Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am a complete telly addict. I love to watch telly and although I have two kids I do watch a lot of non child related programs. The people over at Panasonic have asked me to share with you my top


Top Tips_ Keeping Your Baby Warm In A Cold House

*This is a Sponsored post* Summer in the UK is unpredictable, especially when it comes to the temperature, so make sure your baby sleeps safely no matter what the weather. Is your baby too hot? Too cold? How can you ever be 100% sure? There’s a fine line between keeping your newborn nice and cosy