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My morning so far

Last night Ava went to bed at 7.30 and didn’t wake till 8 this morning ( Thank god as I was really tired ). She woke up had her bottle and went back off to sleep ( thought to myself right this gives me enough time to get all her bottles ready, feed the dog and make myself look more human !).

I wish things were so easy it started with me having to chase the dog around the house because no matter where you put your socks or pj’s she finds them runs off and enjoys to chewing them !!. so running up and down the stairs is  my exercise for today. I do love Kya but I wish she would just learn that our clothes are not her play toys and the bones and toys that we spend lots of money on are more fun !!.

As if this hadn’t got me hot and bothered enough the builders decided that they would have a conversation right outside our front window meaning Kya sat there crying at them as she wants to play with them!!. ( Honestly she just loves people and will cry on a walk if we walk past someone and they don’t talk to her !).

Right calmed her down, Ava’s still asleep time for me to have a hot drink and chill for five ( why did I think that was going to happen). The door bell goes !! kya is now barking which in turn wakes Ava up. I go to answer the door and its a women asking if we still wanted to receive her Avon brochure. ( In my head I’m thinking are you for real , this is not the time !!, but then thinking to myself its not her fault she doesn’t know I have been running around for the past half hour after a dog that has a pair of my pants in her mouth ! ). She then states that it sounds busy in my house and then continues to talk about  Avon . By this point by Ava and Kya were getting louder and louder . I have never felt so rude in my life as I closed the door saying not now sorry ( note to self : apologise next time I see this lady ).

I get to Ava who is now a little red in the face from screaming give her a cuddle and get her ready for the day ahead. We are all now chilling on the sofa watching the telly and drinking my hot but is now cold drink. Hopefully the rest of the day wont be so stressful

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