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I went in with an abscess and came out with a baby : My birth story

*Warning this is a long post with maybe TMI about my abscess and birth *

Being pregnant can be hard work , near the end your body starts to ache you find it hard to sleep. Your emotions are all over the place and all you want to happen is to be joined by your little baby. At 38 weeks my consultant wanted to start to get things moving so suggested that I started to have sweeps early. In the hope that I wouldn’t go over and that I could have the natural birth that I so deeply wanted.

Sadly my body had other plans for me, painful plans at that. So at 39 weeks I went to see my consultant for a sweep which like the previous one were unsuccessful. I was getting really down about this, I just knew that a natural birth wasn’t going to happen for me. I was starting to get my head around the fact I could potentially be having another section.

A few days after my sweep I started to feel uncomfortable but it wasn’t pain like I had in my previous pregnancy. * Just a little warning this may start to get a little too much information for some* I started to get pains in my bottom. Straight away I thought great I have got piles just what I need . So off I went to the chemist and got some creams. Gosh it’s so glam pregnancy is isn’t it ! this is just the beginning it gets a lot worse.

The cream did nothing if anything it made thing a lot more sore and painful. So I booked an appointment to see my GP to see if there was anything he could do to help me. Off I popped to the GP told him about the pains and that I had been using some cream which hadn’t helped and that the pain was getting worse. Without even taking a look at my bottom he prescribed me some suppositories and sent me on my way. From then on the pain just got so unbearable. I knew that something wasn’t right. Surely piles cannot be this painful. I mean I was rolling around my bed in pain, it was making me cry and the only place it was bearable was when I was in the bath. I was literally living in the bath my skin now is so sore because of it. At this point I hadn’t been able to go to the toilet for days and it was really painful to pass urine so I wasn’t really doing this either.

hospital abscess and bith

After two days in excruciating pain I said to my mom I need to go to hospital about this something isn’t right. So we went to the walk in centre at our local hospital. The lady checked me over and said yes you have piles but you also have an abscess in your bottom. Thank the lord someone actually checked meand has given me an answer to the pain. She prescribed me some antibiotics and said if it pain hadn’t eased within 24 hours then I was to go back.

24 hours had passed and the pain was getting worse not better. It was like someone was rubbing salt in an open wound ;


  • Amanda

    Oh it sounds so horrid and terrifying – you poor thing!! If really, really makes me cross how pregnant women are treated at times… it’s unbelievable that you were left in so much pain for so long, that your concerns weren’t appropriately responded to, and that there was so much confusion! I do so hope that you are feeling a bit better now? xx

    • admin

      It was a scary time especially when your told constantly to monitor movements . I’m a lot better now thank you and nearly pain free which I’m so grateful about . X

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