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Our first baby class

So today I grew a pair and took Ava to my first baby class by myself !. The worry started before I even left the house , what should I wear ?( this isn’t normally a problem I have I just wanted to make sure I looked like a good mommy, how ever they look !).

To make my morning that little bit more stressful the dog just didn’t want to come inside and being late is one of my pet hates so this was stressing me out a little. Its like she can just sense when were going out and I’m in a rush as she tends to by coincidence not listen to me or want to get in her crate !.

So when we got to the class I didn’t know the protocol , luckily I followed someone in and they signed in and went to the one side of the room, so guessing she was there for the same reason as me I did the same and followed her. Luckily she was there for baby yoga too. ( Thank god as I may of seemed a little odd following her otherwise !). I didn’t know what to do with myself to start with as everyone was looking at me. ( they obviously knew I was a newbie as they were all sitting in their little mommy groups).

The class was really good and after I got over feeling like a div singing about elephant wrinkles to Ava I really enjoyed it. ( you would of thought working in a nursery I wouldn’t get embarrassed singing in front of people). Ava loved listening to all the different songs and cried whenever the music went off . I’m so glad that she enjoyed It , it made all the stress of going well worth it. we will defiantly be going again and hopefully find more classes to take her to as she grows up !.

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