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Safety 1st Anti-slip bath pads : review

Bath times are crazy in our house . Two kids and one bath makes for a lot of splashing . Up until recently Alby was still in a bath seat . Mainly because I was scared to take him out of it as his always climbing . We didn’t have anything on the bottom of the bath to stop him from slipping. Then the lovely people over at Safety 1st asked me if I would like to review their bath pads.

Saftey 1st bath pads

After reading about the bath pads I was intrigued to see if they would calm my worries. The bath pads are like nothing I have seen before . They come in a pack of 6 and have suckers on the bottom so you can suction them to the bottom of the bath . So a bit like the traditional slip mats I had as a kid but they look a lot nicer.

Saftey 1st bath pads underneath

Our bath pads came and I couldn’t wait to try them out. Before putting Alby in the bath with them I tried them out to see how safe they are .

They are really easy to suction to the bottom of the bath and can be moved around to reposition. I found once I put water In the bath that they didn’t move at all . They stayed in place even when I applied pressure and tried to move them.

Saftey 1st bath pads

I also love the fact that one of the pads has an integrated thermometer. So I can see clearly if the water is too hot . Once the water is too hot the word hot shows up on the one pad.

Safety 1st bath pads

I love the colours that come in this pack as they go well with our bathroom . They are vibrant so you can see them through the water even when the bath is full of bubbles.

To keep mine nice and clean once they have had a bath . I would remove them from the bottom of the bath and suction them to the tiles which are dry . So that they don’t go horrible or have mould come on them. If I have the time I will give them a quick dry over with a towel . I have been using ours for a few weeks now and they haven’t discoloured or gone horrid.

Our overall thoughts on safety 1st bath pads

Overall I think that the safety 1st bath pads are a really clever design . They have taken the traditional anti slip bath mats and redesigned them . Giving it a fresh and updated feel to them .

They have really put my mind at ease and I have now stopped using the bath seat . I just want to add that Alby is able to sit unaided with great confidence so he doesn’t actually need a bath seat. So the bath pads are perfect . They allow him to have the freedom in the bath that he wanted. Whilst keeping him safe and not able to slip around.

Alby having fun in the bath using his saftey 1st bath pads

These would also be very handy to use in the shower also . Especially if like us you have a shower tray that can become quite slippy. As the pads are only small they may also come in handy if we ever go on holiday. They wouldn’t take much space up in a suitcase at all.

The Baby 1st Anti-slip bath pads come in a pack of 6 and are £6.99.



*We were sent the Safety 1st bath pads for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own*


Being safe in the bath is so important especially for young children. These safety 1st bath pads allow children to sit in the bath and not slip around. They also tell you if the bath water is too hot ! #saftey #bathsaftey #watersafety #parenting #products #review #babysafetytoddler #babysafteyproducts

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