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Why it’s important to teach children to give to charity.

Today we did a job that I like to do at least twice a year . This is sorting through the kids toys . Deciding what they want to keep and then sending the rest to charity.

I know most people do this sort of job when the kids aren’t around. As their kids like to hang on to everything and it becomes a very stressful situation. But it’s a great learning opportunity for children to be apart of . Children need to learn that there are other people in their world . People that are less fortunate then they are . That we should help these people and the charities that support them.

This is why I explain to Ava before we start having a clear out what is it we are doing . I explain to her that her toys will go to one of two places . Either to a charity that gives the toys to children who’s mommy’s and daddy’s haven’t got money to buy them lots of nice toys like they have . Or they will go to a charity shop for the shop to sell . They will then use the money to help lots of people both young and old.

What Ava decided she wanted to give to charity

This is something I have done with her for a long time so she really understands what’s happening now. She loves the sense of helping others and this is something I hope stays with her for ever . I want her to think about others. People that are less fortunate that her , I want her to be giving and understanding. That there is something she can do to help . It’s something so little but it can make a huge difference.

I also find doing this regularly stops you having those baby toys that your child out grew years ago . They actually have toys that they want to play with . The play room part of our house becomes less messy and everything has a home . Which is something I like . I like to be tidy . I am that person who will make sure all the kids things are away before I sit down at night . Mainly because at least when I come down in the morning for all of 5 minutes my house looks tidy .

Going back to giving to charity I think it’s a really important thing to do. You don’t know what life may throw at you . At some point you may be leaning on these charity’s for some help yourself. So the way I look at it if I can help these charities now whilst I can . Then if I need them in the future they will still be there to help me . If we don’t support these Charities and keep them open then they won’t be around to support people who really need them.

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